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Modern hairstyles for short hair
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Friseurteam Rossi brings us a vibrant collection of exciting modern hairstyles showcasing rich, lustrous color and exemplary cutting techniques. The styles showcased range from asymmetrical to casual and balanced.
In addition, the colors are bold and rich, bordering on brassy, and offer a high-gloss look at hair color options. These are looks that could be as equally at home in the local market as in the trendiest clubs.

Razor Cut Fringe

Short spiky hairstyle with layers
The coppery sheen of color in this very short look is a perfect counterpoint to the asymmetrical hairstyle. The high-gloss finish of the hair allows the short, spiky textures to reflect and refract light easily, adding depth to the hair color and lots of visual interest to the style.
The fringe follows a deep arc above the left eye and is razor cut to taper until its tendrils come to rest on the opposite cheek. The nape area perimeter lengths are exaggerated, while the interior layers are steep and textured to give a sharp, clean feel to the haircut.

Hair with a Healthy Glow

Short blunt cut hair with a healthy glow
This medium ash blonde is cool and sultry, invoking images of the screen actresses and femmes fatales of yesteryear. The simple blunt silhouette of the short haircut is reshaped with interior layers that keep the lines clean and allow the hair to closely follow the shape of the skull rather than possibly flaring outward to create problematic bulkiness.
The satiny finish to the hair allows the natural variance of the strands of hair to be readily apparent. The result is hair with a healthy glow, in a modern style that will turn heads.

Gamine Short Hairstyle

Gamine short hairdo for blonde hair with layers
The gamine short hairstyle is often considered punk and masculine, yet this incarnation of the look proves that it doesn't have to be any of those things. The blonde color is shiny and reflective and gives itself depth as the layers drape over one another.
The soft curves of the hair help to soften the style and make it inherently feminine, in spite of the somewhat dramatic length. The hair is blown dry with a diffuser and smoothing/shine enhancing serum, and followed up with a touch of pomade to give the layers definition.

Bob with Added Bulk

Chin-level horizontal line bob
Taking a simple, basic haircut and reinventing it is often much tougher than it sounds. It's the same when one attempts to adapt a haircut to compensate for problematic features or facial shapes. This bob cut follows the basic lines, with its clean, horizontal line at chin-level.
Yet it adds bulk in the upper portions of the hair by using long, disconnected layers cut using a razor tool to make the ends taper smoothly. A soft-hold styling product is used with a blow-out style and followed with a light touch of added styling product to give the long layered locks separation and definition.

Chin-length Bob

Classic chin-length bob with razor cutting
And here we see how yet another take on the classic bob can have its own flavor. The neutral tones of the hair color are enhanced by the glossy finish of the hair. The chin-length bob cut is executed using a razor and tapers softly along the lower edge.
By contrast, the fringe is cut with a sharp, clean line which draws attention to the eyes and makes for a dramatic statement from an otherwise, sedate and subdued style.

Feminine Short Haircut

Feminine pixie cut for blonde hair
The last look at this pixie cut was in hairstyle three of this collection, and what a difference styling makes. This look takes the loose, curved waves from the previous style and smoothes them out in order to provide a sleeker, chicer look without resorting to severity in styling.
The layering is kept defined, and yet, the effect is incorporated and integral to the overall feel created by the texture. The overall effect is both feminine and strong, without appearing contrived.
Hair: Friseurteam Rossi
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