Sexy Short Hair

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Comfortable to wear pixies
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Short hair is not only sexy, it is also comfortable to wear and offers tons of fun styling options. So get ready for a hot season with a soft and spiky look as suggested by Guys & Dolls Hairforce. The two models pictured here give us only a glimpse of the possibilities, but they incorporate all the main elements of the new line of haircuts.
Soft outlines and smoothly textured edges transition to a lot of action on the crown. This is where the tools and products come in for sleek to funky styling. The hair colors are basic and one tone in order to not distract from the exquisite beauty and character of the haircuts.

Pixie Cut with a Long Fringe

Women's hair cropped close to the head
Modern short haircut
Sexy short haircut with cropped sides
The hair is cropped close to the head and lengthens gradually towards the top. This way the fringe is the longest section and has a lot to play with.
With the sides styled smooth and the top hair kneaded into a ruffled texture and slightly raised bangs you get a modern short haircut that is playful while still keeping an air of sophistication.

Classy Short Haircut

Classy pixie cut for brown hair
Elegant short haircut
Less spiky and styled round and smooth, the same short haircut gets a very classy feel. This pixie cut does not lack at all in the sexy department but it is a bit more understated and elegant. It proves again that short hair is not boring at all.
The brown color is so rich and comes alive with the gentle texture of the hair that it does not need any effects of gimmicks.

Short Blonde Hair

Short blonde crop with longer top hair
Trendy short hair
Pixie haircut with very short sides
The ethereal bleached baby blonde color finds it match with the darling short crop. More length on top allows a range of interesting stylings, and the short sides keep things trendy and always with a refreshing edge.
Here the longer top hair frolics in a mix of soft spikes and playfully rounded curls that continue into the forehead.

Finger Kneaded Pixie Cut

Short blonde hair with finger kneading
A different outfit and more lift in the short hair bring about a new attitude. This determined blonde loves the texture and finger kneaded movement in her supershort crop.
The soft hair color and bold style combine as an icy hot temptation of a style that already has cult status.
Hairstyles: Sasscha Hirtsgaard - Guys & Dolls Hairforce
Photography: Olle Bogren
Make-up: Channet Colding
Products: Alterna
Hair Coloring: Infiniti
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