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Practical short haircuts
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What a simple name for a fabulous collection by Intercoiffure Böhm, but the three letters of the title capture perfectly what these nine looks are about. The focus of this collection of hairstyles is on their very essence, the cut.
Executed with overwhelming creativity and always in pursuit of perfection. Modern lines and bold textures sassy up the short haircuts with their wearable and yet very fashionable appeal.
Short is practical but it is also very sexy, especially when it comes to androgynous looks for men and women. Be it a bad boy look or an edgy avant-garde style for her, this collection covers it all.
Colors are secondary. Therefore, the black and white and sepia images. What we do see, however, are plenty of highlights applied in broad but also fine strands and of course there is the inventive styling which is shown in three ways to each of the cuts.

Masculine Texture

Masculine haircut with the ears covered half
Texture was generated throughout this short haircut by fine tuning the tips to sharp points. The lacy look of his short layers is also enhanced by the strong blonde highlights. These give him a very summery look as if kissed by the sun and bleached by the ocean.
A hot surfer, but very refined in his designer shirt and with his designer haircut. It may look wild, but every hair has its place. The neck has enough length to stick out and the ears are only covered half. Check out he next image for an alternate styling.

Center Part and Highlights for Men

Men's hair with highlights
This layered look is one of the most amazing changelings in the lineup of hairstyles for men. Who knew that one cut can do this much! With some imagination and a tube of wet gel, the short hair with all of its softening texture can be styled a millions ways.
Highlights add luster and extra dimension to this sexy look. The hair was combed downward from the center part and then pulled forward, but ever so gently, to frame the face on the sides.

Gel Style

Men's hair slicked back with gel
With a hot black leather jacket, he needs a hairstyle that stays with the theme. Nothing looks better for a rocking outfit than short hair, slicked back with some gel. This alternate styling shows off the handsome neckline, now with an up and outward curl.
The fun part is in front and on the crown. This is where the creativity comes in as the crown hair is styled frontward in a diagonal line. The short bangs, on the other hand, are directed in just the opposite direction, but with a lot of stand. Gel, narrow comb and finger styling are the tools for this much "bad boy" appeal.

Hair with Irregular Lengths

Short mid-ear haircut with irregular lengths and streaks
Asymmetry is fun. It is stylish too! This short haircut comes in the shape of a combination of different lengths that increase from one side to the other. The narrower section to the right of the side part has wispy layers that reach to about mid-ear.
The same length is applied to the short fringe, which makes for a pretty transition to the longer, denser hair on the opposite side. A swoosh of blonde streaks was applied on top of her dark base and accentuates the asymmetry with a great ray of light.

Attention to the Tips

Haircut with increasing length from one side to the other and streaks
The beautiful curve that leads the eye from the shorter section to the longer one is interrupted by countless little sharp tips. The texture was cut into the asymmetrical, layered look, but it was pronounced stronger during styling with just a tiny bit of products used to separate the strands and to give them their shape.
Instead of a more sideward focused styling, the short hair is now falling more evenly around the head, but still gets a lot of kick through the increase in length from one side to the other.

Short Curls with Highlights

Feathery short haircut with curls and highlights
The short feathery haircut turned glamorous. A few thick curls work like a charm when it comes to instant finesse and sophistication. The asymmetrical effect of the base cut is almost invisible now since the top hair was lifted and the sides are contoured by the same undercut.
These types of curls can easily be created with a curling iron. Even the bright blonde highlight is curled and makes a very elegant splash now.

Short Layered Haircut

Short layered haircut with long sections along the forehead
This haircut is so refined that it even has some built in secrets, which will reveal themselves more and more in the next two styling options. But let's check out this casual, fun and sassy version first. The hair was treated with a good styling product to keep any frizz from disrupting the chic silhouette.
Long sections along the forehead where transformed and sculpted to diagonal points which soften up slightly to wispy tips along the side. The layering is more intense on one side, therefore a trendy asymmetrical effect emerges.

Punk Look

Short haircut for a sexy punk look
This cool styling reveals one of the great secrets of this short haircut. It is the stunning fringe, short as can be. It curves along the edge of her forehead from one temple to the other and is unseen in the other variations where textured strands cover it up.
These longer sections are here lifted and shaped to a pointed flame shape with a strong fixative product. Her light blonde highlight is partially covered up and appears not as a straight line.

Choppy Chic

Short and sporty low-maintenance hairstyle
Low maintenance does not come in any prettier shape than this. Her short asymmetrical hairstyle is adjusted to harmonize with the features of her face and the shape of her head. Much attention was given to the long and intense texture that now frames the face in a curved line full of choppy tips.
The hair was styled into the face and takes on a rounded shape on the crown. Sporty and with a lot of exciting energy, this is one of the season's favorite looks.
Hair: Patricia Normann and Artistic Team - Intercoiffure Böhm. Haare!
Styling: Patricia Normann
Make up: Patricia Normann
Photography: Michel de Vries
Products: REDKEN
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