Inspiration for Pixies (13)

Short hair lovers know that pixie cuts are adorable and fun to wear. A pixie can transform your look entirely and highlight your best features. Are you brave enough to cut your hair in a trendy short pixie cut? Have a look at this inspiration for pixies and leave the hair salon with the haircut of your dreams!
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  • smooth pixie with a clipped nape
  • sporty and low maintenance pixie
  • pixie with a purple shade
  • bold pixie for black hair
  • powerful pixie with angles and spikes
  • pixie with layering and buzzed sides
  • blonde pixie with super short sides
  • pixie cut with large curls
  • punk inspired pixie with buzzed sides
  • pixie style with clear cutting lines
  • pixie with increasing length on the crown
  • very short pixie cut for summer
  • pixie hairstyle with buzz short sides
  • easy to care for pixie cut
  • sleek pixie with curved bangs
  • pixie with a mix of cool and warm hair colors
  • pixie with spiced up hair
  • pixie hairstyle with a rounded shape
  • layered pixie cut
  • pixie with a long top section
  • black pixie with a blue streak
  • pixie styled with the fringe curved upward
  • pixie with point cut layers for black hair
  • pixie for golden blonde hair
  • sporty pixie with high lift on the crown
  • pixie with waves and curls
  • very short and fashionable pixie
  • pixie with blonde color effects
  • modern pixie for blonde hair
  • more short hairstyles

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