Pixie Cut Ideas (12)

The pixie cut is one of the most timeless and most comfortable haircuts of all time. Are you ready to go short and thinking of cutting your own hair in one of those irresistible pixies? There’s nothing more refreshing than a cute pixie! Keep scrolling for plenty of pixie cut ideas!
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  • pixie cut with long top hair
  • razor cut pixie
  • pixie hairstyle with a longer back section
  • Goth inspired pixie with a black hair color
  • spiked punk inspired pixie
  • very short pixie for red hair
  • short pixie hairstyle for older ladeis
  • glamour pixie look for older women
  • fun pixie with a snug neck area
  • pixie with lift on the hair roots
  • quick and easy to style pixie cut
  • easy to maintain and style pixie
  • flexible pixie for professional women
  • pixie style with high volume
  • pixie for sun bleached hair
  • pixie styled with hair pins
  • pixie style with longer top hair
  • pixie cut with the hair styled upward
  • short cropped hair
  • pixie style with lifting in the roots
  • sweet pixie with a short fringe
  • pixie with volume and a lifted fringe
  • blonde pixie with the same length all over
  • pixie cut with estremely short sides
  • easy to style short pixie cut
  • pixie cut with long top hair
  • pixie with layering and short bangs
  • pixie with volume and a flip
  • pixie cut with a textured fringe
  • more short hairstyles

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