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J.7 Spring/Summer Hairstyles Collection

Summer will be short ... when it comes to hair. J.7 presents an abundant collection of fun summer hairstyles for men and women of which not one exceeds chin length.
  • side parted men's haircut
  • buzz short sides haircut
  • post-punk cut
  • buzz cut neck length hair
  • smooth short hairstyle
  • pop diva hairstyle
  • every day hair style for men
  • hair that stands straight up
  • long and short hair strands
  • feathery wild hair
  • trapeze shape hair cut
  • curly short hair
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Texture is key to the appeal of these flexible cuts and together with more or less excessive styling shapes and structures display a not so subtle vintage flavor of 1980's pop candy. It was the time of domesticated punk that obviously planted the seed to this memory lane of looks that instantly start the music of Cindy Lauper and Madonna in our heads.
But that is only one side of it! All cuts can be styled up or down, tame or wild and that makes them so fitting for our decade. Cutting edge techniques and high tech coloring guarantee a top of the trend fashion experience.
Hair: J.7 artistic team
Make-up: Elena Herlet
Photography: Vlado Golub
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