Pixie Cut Inspiration (11)

The pixie cut has made a comeback in recent years. This short and powerful haircut has always made heads turn. A pixie is easy to manage and doesn’t require a lot of time to style. Are you ready to let your stylist lop off your hair in favor of a fresh and stylish pixie? Scroll down for pixie cut inspiration!
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  • short hairstyle with a cropped crown
  • curly pixie
  • bed head style pixie
  • punk inspired pixie with streaks
  • pixie with buzz short sides
  • droplet shaped pixie cut
  • pixie with a very short graduated neck area
  • blonde pixie with a black streak
  • feisty pixie with flipped out hair
  • maintenance free pixie hairstyle
  • Smooth pixie cut with short bangs
  • radical short pixie cut
  • pixie with a steeply graduated neck
  • pixie that enhances the cheekbones
  • pixie cut for silver hair
  • mushroom cut shaped pixie
  • modern pixie for red hair
  • fashionable bowl shape pixie cut
  • pixie haircut with a short fringe
  • sleek all over pixie
  • pixie with buzz cut short sides
  • pixie with spikes and red shades
  • pixie for flaming red hair
  • pixie cut with short and long sections
  • blonde pixie with many styling options
  • pixie with multiple hair colors
  • bright copper hair in a pixie
  • cheerful pixie for curly hair
  • confident look with a short pixie
  • more short hairstyles

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