Pixie Cuts (8)

Pixie cuts have been all the rage and many women love them because pixies are very comfortable to wear. Pixie cuts work for any face shape or hair type. This boyish short, yet cute and feminine, haircut opens up the face and draws attention to the eyes and other facial features. Here are pictures of stunning pixie cuts to inspire your next hair salon visit!
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  • Emma Willis pixie
  • Anne Hathaway pixie - side view
  • Morena Baccarin with her hair in a trendy pixie
  • Chelsea Kane with short cropped hair
  • Miley Cyrus pixie with buzzed sections
  • Kellie Pickler with her hair in a pixie
  • Elsa Pataky with her pixie haircut
  • Catherine Bell with a pixie
  • pixie with full and curly bangs
  • pixie cut with short curls
  • trendy pixie with messy styling
  • blonde pixie with long bangs
  • pixie with spiky hair styling
  • pixie with smooth hair and fine layers
  • pixie with highlights
  • layered pixie with a longer neck section
  • pixie cut with flipping bangs
  • pixie style with cropped sides
  • very short pixie with long bangs
  • pixie with the hair pulled behind one ear
  • pixie hairstyle with curls and waves
  • pixie with high volume styling
  • smooth pixie with a rounded back
  • pixie with bangs that run sideways
  • pixie haircut with sideburns
  • pixie styled with a double wave
  • smooth retro inspired pixie style
  • pixie style with a trapeze shape
  • pixie with choppy bangs
  • more short hairstyles

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