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Lady Dark by Óscar G

The ominous title of Óscar G's new collection expresses a new attitude. It is about confidence, strength and attitude. It is about leather and not so much lace.
A variety of long and short styles celebrates the uniqueness of women and empowers the strong, female energies that are ready to take the world in a storm.
  • highlights for curly hair
  • sharp bob
  • bangs with volume
  • choppy textured hair
  • short haircut with large curls
  • short hair with a high crown
  • hairstyle with swiggles
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Intense bobs with daring diagonal lines are accompanied by short layered cuts with extreme textures. Straight and pointy styles are just as tempting as top heavy curly creations or long, wavy layers. With colors ranging from a not so innocent blond to raven black the choices are plentiful and diverse.
Hairstyles: Óscar G