You Rock! by Camille Albane

Long and short female rock hairstyles
We pick melodies for the soundtrack of our lives and thanks to Camille Albane there now is a line-up of hairstyles that will match your personal style and rhythm. Tune into the summer season with fresh locks in a soft rock, glam rock or hard rock style.
This great collection celebrates not only the 20th anniversary of Camille Albane, but also a fashion lifestyle and never ending music. Join the band and treat yourself to the sparkling colors and energetic cuts with feminine lines, volume and lots of sassy stylings.
The hair colors are in the blonde, caramel and deep brown range, smooth and natural to get you in touch with your inner Rock Goddess.

Soft Waves with Bangs

Long blonde 60s hair with waves and round bangs
She is not a groupie but sets the tone with her own compositions. She wears her hair long, in a retro 60s style with loose waves and a thick, round fringe, which covers her eyebrows. The hair is cut in very long layers and styled open and with volume in mind. The bangs are shaped over a thick round brush.
That is not the only contrast as the hair radiates with streaks of brown in the powder blonde base, most of them are also in the fringe. Focus on the bangs brings focus to the eyes and her rocking blue eye shadow. With such a bold color on the lids, it is most stylish to keep the lipstick in a more neutral range.

Wild Waves

Rock hairstyle with waves for long blonde hair
Getting in the groove yet? If you are into the big romantic ballads and glam rock, then show it with a legendary mane full of wild rivulets of waves that now even include the thick bangs.
This is as wild as long hair can go and also has an intriguing romantic vibe. Now she emphasizes her lips with a strong color, while the eye make-up is a soft silver - lavender color.

Updo with a Side Braid

Updo with a side braid
Go for the braid! In this look it is an asymmetrical braid woven in the French technique. It starts in the neck and moves around to one side. With every inch more strands are incorporated. The length is then braided traditionally with three strands and with ends tugged in, it is pinned into place on the side of the face at eye-level.
A tiny hair band sets a subtle and beautiful eye catching accent. Again, check out the make-up with matching colors on eyelids and nails! Rocking cool!

Lifted Curls

Loose upstyle with lifted curls
Does the right song get you in a good mood? This hairstyle might just do the same. Her playful curls are lifted along the sides and pinned to a loose upstyle with a flirtatious flair. Among all the curly commotion there is actually a soft braid along the front until it melts with the curls.
Take it a step further and add a fun hair accessory to it. Here the bright blue designer hair needle has the same color as her thick eyeliner and makes for a great effect! Highlights bring depth to the movement and lend a seductive glow to the brown color.

Wavy Bob

Short bob with waves and curly ends
A short bob cannot be left out of any hairstyle collection and proofs again how adaptable the nature of this classic cut is. Thick waves and curly ends are the formula for seduction and the longer front section adds the modern element of asymmetry to the melodious do.
Highlights are used mainly in this extended length on the side of her face. It is more than a trick to make the eyes sparkle. With its concentration in one area, the lighter shade of color gives the style a very contemporary attitude.

Smooth Short Cut

Smooth pixie for brown hair with highlights
Brown pixie with highlights
Pixie with wild styling
Anne Hathaway sported this pixie with much applause and now it is your turn to get all of the attention you can handle. While being based on a boy cut, there is nothing masculine about this look.
Especially when it comes with such refined highlights in a wine color on dark brown hair and the soft flowing lines. The best part of the cut is its flexibility. Take a look at the smaller icons below to get an idea. It quickly moves from the good girl look, to a rockabilly styling or a ruffled wild look.
Hair: Camille Albane
Photography: Nicolas Valois