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Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks

Wearable contemporary hairstyles
The mission of the Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks is not only to make us all more beautiful, but also to reinvent standards, redesign hairstyles and to challenge traditions, while creating collection after collection of innovative, edgy and also very wearable looks for men and women. This group of contemporary looks are perfect for summer with mostly short lengths, fresh colors and styles that go from dressy to bold.
Geometric shapes with complex cut shimmer in colors that combine warm and cool tones to a great harmonic balance. You may recognize some signature lines that are inspired by the legendary Vidal Sassoon. Men's cuts got a boost with heavy textures and much creative liberty that was applied in the styling. Individuality and unconventionality count this season!

Mephisto Cut

Short haircut with pointy sideburns for blonde with silver hair
Distinct lines shape the contours of this daring short haircut. The modern art shape of the bangs and the pointy sideburns truly convey a bold approach to fashion. Looks with such an intensity move beyond a mere haircut and become a statement and a mirror of a bold nature.
All outlines are clean and sharp with an inner texture that is supported by the coloring of the hair. Beige blonde and silver provide light and shadow and also a wonderful cool and warm contrast, ever so subtle. The straight styling only shows one aspect. Check out the next image and see what happens when the layers of the cut are brought to life.

Short Hairstyle with Wispy Layers

Short and easy pixie hairstyle with layers
Summer is the time to play and nothing is more fun than playing with your hair. The short geometric pixie cut is restyled with much movement and wispy tips, that bring out the fine layers. It is light and fun, super easy to create and a flattering delight to wear.
The shape of the bangs was kept, this curved line is just too cool to dishevel, but the rest of the crown was styled in a casual, happy way.

Elegant Short in Red

Short hair with free ears for women
Chic from top to bottom and back to front. A flawless short hairstyle for women with finesse. Fine layers make the surface very smooth and allow the dark red hair color to sparkle. The ear is free and outlined meticulously and the point of the fringe is in perfect balance with the length of the neck.
This masterpiece of composition also comes with a special effect, coppery strands define the line of the fringe and bring some heat to the cooler dark color. Click on to find out what else you can do with this attractive cut!

Gel Look

Easy to style female gel look for short hair
If you want to show more of your face and also be on top of the latest trend, saturate the short haircut with gel and comb it back for a highly intriguing androgynous look. This is so easy to style and is the perfect hairdo for any party.
Use accessories to make it festive, but it also looks great with a leather jacket or a chic pant suit. A little lift in the roots of the fringe adds more pizzazz. The model wears eye shadow that matches the coppery streaks in the hair for a well rounded and complete look.

Classic with Wave

Rounded chin length bob that follos the shape of the head
A little tradition is wonderful, but breaking with it is so much fun and very attractive. The classic bob with chin length and a slight asymmetry on the sides is styled with the back all demure and rounded to follow the shape of her head.
The front section was pulled straight and then curved outward for a stunning and refreshing effect. A little texture in the tips helps for this soft and yet edgy look. The brightest platinum blonde was combined with a softer tone, which creates a very natural and refined color.

Curly Quiff on Bob

Short hairstyle with a rolled up fringe
For a dramatic variation on your bob, roll up the fringe. Exaggeration is trendy and there is no need to be too humble. Make it big from the accessories to the huge, lightweight curls. A little teasing in the roots and much hairspray will keep it looking great for many hours. Tuck the rest of the front behind your ears where it connects with the straight back.
This short hairstyle calls for an equally dramatic eye make up and the dark smoky shadow is just the right companion.

Tapered in Red

Long red hair with bangs and a tapered cutting line
Turn up the power and boost your stylish life with a red glowing hairstyle. The deep fringe brings much focus to her eyes and the layers together with the tapered line frame her face in sophisticated rock and roll style.
Keep it straight to showcase the various tones of red and light copper, which turn this long cut into fireworks.

Ravishing Spirals

Long red hair with festive spiral curls
Dress up your look by adding some rolling spirals. These thick cork screw shaped curls make her face framing, tapered and layered cut very feminine and especially festive. There is always a reason to celebrate and perhaps the new red hair color could be one of them.
It is more than just a color, it is a play of fascinating cool and warm hues that are set next to each other to create dimension and an amazing play of light and shadow on the hair.

Short and Dandy

Neat and super short haircut for men
Keep it neat with a super short haircut. The hair will fall into place all by itself all of the time and all you need to do is wash, comb and walk out that door. To spruce up the style a little bit of gel can go a long way and turn the dapper short cut into a sexy, trendy wet look.
The tiny wave in front gives it a pleasant retro touch as does the forward direction that is also being held in place with the product you are using. For a totally different look based on the same cut, check out the next photo!

Ruffled Short Cut for Men

Men's cut with short sides and ruffled top hair
Not in the mood for sticky products? Give yourself the soft treatment with the hair all natural and with much sexy, ruffled movement on the top. The sides are too short to play with and they keep the dapper appearance up, while the top hair is styled into small spikes and textured volume towards the front.
His hair color is a warm, reddish brown that works very well with his skin tone and brings out the color of his eyes.

Long Fringe and Color Contrast

Casual men's cut with a very short back
A casual men's haircut with several strong style elements that bring together retro and modern design, but also an effortless feel and cool casual vibe. The precise cut of the very short back is contradicted by the long and wild fringe. The top hair is textured and full of soft volume.
Blonde and dark brown are the colors of choice that contrast in the back and in the short, stylish sideburns, but also blend together in the longer hair, with its darker roots and lighter tips. A sun kissed look on a hairstyle that is playful and masculine.

Tradition with Volume

Neat and proper haircut with a clipped back for men
A fresh approach to a traditional cut that matches his extravagant jacket and bow tie. The hair along the side is a bit longer and smoothly transitions into the very short clipped back. With the sides gelled back behind the ears the soft volume of the top hair stands out more.
His crown was styled casually with texture and waves off to one side, while the rest of the haircut is all neat and proper. Light effects in the tips add some sunshine to the look.

Flexible Haircut for Men

Flexible haircut with layers for men
This cut is layered with determination and with a mission. The goal was to create a modern haircut for men that offers the utmost in flexibility for a range of different stylings. This photo shows the texture and shape of the base cut very well. Rounded contours and more length in the front than in the back.
Fine blonde highlights are sprinkled all over to bring a wonderful dimension into the hair. Here he wears his long fringe down with an asymmetrical angle, but check out the next look and what happens when the bangs change their direction!

Lifted Bangs

Hairstyle with lifted bangs for men
It is this easy to change the appearance and character of a short men's hairstyle! The layered cut is the ideal base to go crazy with your hair and to adjust it to all your wants and needs in no time at all.
A few drops of a styling product and finger styling were used to up the volume for this charming and rebellious look with a lifted fringe.
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