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Nouveau Romantic

Rainbow Room International

  • short bob
  • cap cut
  • hair rolled inward
  • updo with folded and rolled hair
  • upstyle with tuft
  • rolled front updo
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Mix modern graphical and architectural lines and some of the favorite hairstyles of the 60s and 70s and you get a mind blowing contemporary collection of looks that is all at once elegant and extravagant. Shapes are reduced to their essence and the hair is treated to bring out its full beauty with all the supple softness and shine it can have.
A perfect balance of control, polished and bold expression. Bob, bowl cuts, round styles and rolled, tufted creations celebrate the color blonde, but there was room for one brunette style as well. The soft color together with the smooth texture gives even a very geometric haircut enough gentleness to have a sensual and romantic allure.
Hair: Suzie McGill, Rainbow Room International
Make-up: James O'Reilly
Styling: Jared Green
Photography: John Rawson