"Bang On" by John Donato

Hairstyles with bangs
The bangs are on in John Donato's fascinating world of hair fashion.
With three looks this master illustrates how bangs can make a big impact in different lengths of hair. Precision cut and wide with a straight line his new fringes are the focus of a long look, a bob and a disconnected cut.
Bangs always bring much attention to the eyes, so make good use of it and add a little smoky shadow around them to get the most bang out of your new look.

Long Hair with Bangs

Long hair with wide and straight bangs
These bangs don't mess around. They dominate her long hair look and while being an eye catcher themselves they lead all focus to her face, like the perfect frame around a beautiful painting. They are cut in a straight line that just barely touches the high arch of her brows and continues to the sides way behind her temples.
With this width the long hair never falls randomly into her face. Thorough brushing makes the hair this supple and soft. The few layers are kept under control with a good anti frizz, smoothing product.

Two Tone Bob with Bangs

Angled bob with a straight fringe
A layer of black peeking through the finely textured platinum blonde hair tries to steal the show from the fabulous bangs. But the straight line of her medium long fringe still is the eye catcher in this adorable bob.
Cut in a shallow angled A line, the all time favorite accentuates her cheekbones and of course her eyes.

Short Cut with Bangs

Short and feathery hair with a fringe
Feathery and light with bangs that make an impact. The contrast of the longer and soft sides with their veil like transparency opposing the bold fringe gives this look an A+ grade. The hair is styled to create a perfect frame around her face.
Make sure to have sculpted eyebrows and bring out your eyes with a warm and soft shadow that can be on the smoky side. It looks especially great when the colors all are in harmony as seen here with her dark brown hair, brown eyes and more brown and black around her eyes.
Hairstyling: John Donato
Haircolor: Alex Dalla Via
Make-up: Amy Sorensen & Michelle Emiliani
Photography: Kint Quon