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Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks

Hair fashion for the season
With their Fall/Winter Collection the Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks captured the essence of the season in more than just the hair colors with their glow of warm spices and bright fall foliage. Understatement, serenity and a grounded earthiness are part of the recipe for a fashionable end of year season.
Trends for women are short with heavy structures and graphic accents, softened by feathered textures. Men are trendy with a pronounced partition of the hair and a natural flow and dynamic movement.

Adorable Short Hairstyle

Adorable short brunette hairstyle with fine layers
The short brunette style, as sported by Anna Hathaway, makes a grey winter day cheerful and warm. Seductive even with short tresses, this adorable and extremely flattering short cut combines elements of the pixie and the boy cut with its short neck and the long fringe.
Fine layers and a combination of graphic lines with softening texture make it charming but never overwhelming. An elegant understatement meets strong expression and it comes in a deep brown, very earthy hair color, that compliments her ivory skin tone.

Classy Punk Look

Short layered haircut with classy punk styling
Who would have thought that punk would ever go elegant. But the proof is here. A short, layered haircut with a pronounced texture at the edge of the neck, an elongated front and indicated sideburns, turns into a million dollar style with the lifted fringe and the shiny finish. The back of the head is accentuated with the light volume and the smooth and round flow of the hair.
More action is happening in front, where a special slicing technique adds so much power to the fringe. Hairstyles like this became especially popular since Miley Cyrus went through a radical makeover and surprised her fans with sexy short hair. Combine this style with smokey make-up and statement jewelry.

Classy Short Haircut

Modern short haircut with height on the back
It is all about the line. Pure and subtle, yet with depth and a titillating harmony of all its elements. This short haircut defines the new graphic styles with their round concept as a base and artistic strokes of the scissors to shape the beautiful and exiting cutting lines which are most evident on the sides. The fringe dominates the frontal view with is petal shaped and curved statement.
A little height on the back gives it a very polished and classy feel, while the general feel is ultra modern. Copper and gold tones come in the finest of hues with an almost invisible transition between them. All we see is the amazing luminosity, which seems to emanate from within.

Wearable Short Haircut

Wearable and touchable short haircut for women
Few hairstyles can keep up with the dynamic and the touchable, wearable and oh so flattering allure of the ruffled short cut. Decades ago we fell in love with Meg Ryan and her sexy hairdo, which has spawned a legacy of its own.
You can wear this haircut as seen in the image before, sleek, classy and with an avantgarde vibe, or just shake it up, add some mousse and movement and you have an entire new look that will make it through the day without any touch ups.

Bob with Highlights

Brown longer than chin length bob with highlights
The undying bob has been a global fashion sensation with no end in sight. This stylish incarnation is slightly longer than chin length and features attractive and bright highlights in a hot reddish brown on a dark brown base.
The ends are shaped to a very chic upswing, which is also fairly easy to do at home. All you need is a small round styling brush and a good blow dryer. Use a curling iron as a quick alternative or for touch ups. The front is shaped by a side part and the long diagonal fringe.

Hair with Vintage Waves

Bob styled into vintage finger waves
Who could resist this vintage pattern of structured finger waves? A legendary look updated with more texture and beautiful highlights is a winner when it comes to seductive style.
The structure of the hair becomes more and more loose from the very controlled top to the wispy bottom part and at the same time the smooth transition of hair color with an increase of highlights toward the lower perimeter really spices up things.

Extensions for Long Layers

Hair with extensions and a narrowing long silhouette
A shape that can best be described as fluid, thrills with its fine texture and the narrowing, long silhouette. A full crown with feathery layers and a deep fringe transitions into the close fitting sides and the thin lengths. These are created with modern hair extensions that come in a range of colors and textures.
One cannot tell the difference between the real hair and the added extensions. The hairstyle reminds of iconic pop stars of the 80s , but is much refined and glamorous. A dark brown with a hint of red wine in the hair color gives it a very luxurious vibe. A great look for the day, but also for festive events, as you can see for yourself in the next image.

Glamour with Extensions

Glamour hairstyle with hair extensions
Using a round brush and some heat the back of the hair was lifted for extravagant volume. This adds a strong note of luxury to the 80s inspired layered hairstyle. Extra movement was also styled into the sides and the extensions which now swirl around her neck and down her shoulders with elegance and seductive style.
The red wine tone in the top hair is joined by the amethyst purple and a hint of white gold in the lengths.

Dandy with Stubbles

Modern professional hairstyle for men
One of the strongest trends in hair fashion for men is the dapper gentleman look that already made women's knees weak for the likes of Gregory Peck or Cary Grant. Combed back sides, a neat and distinct partition and enough length on top to be styled in a luxurious swing.
Fullness and movement distinguish this look and in its modern version it is combined with a groomed and ultra sexy stubble beard. Dandy meets bad boy with this modern hairstyle, which is very suitable for professional as well as leisurely environments.

Soft Spikes

Men's haircut with longer top hair and spikes
Bring it on! Dandy turns rebel with a little lift on top. The longer top hair allows for a wide range of styling options, one more exciting than the other. Dynamic in the movement and a combination of a neat outline with all of this action is the secret to the leisurely vibe of this short look for men of fashion.
The hair color is a dark caramel tone with ever so subtle lights in the tips. Use a matte product to style the hair.

Soft Hairdo for Men

Contemporary male hairdo kneaded into shape with the fingers
Unruly with a plan. Compact and textured throughout, this short, dense hairdo appeals to a new generation of men, who like to show their softer side. The general shape is a classic cut, but with all of the texture and the dynamic movement, the expression is very contemporary.
To get this fun texture, the hair is treated with a soft hold styling product, like a light mousse, before it is kneaded into shape with the fingers. His hair color is a handsome dark brown, masculine and understated.

Playful Fringe

Men's hair with combed back sides and a playful fringe
With the clear partition the earlier soft rock look turns into a more organized and controlled style, great for your morning meeting or the rendezvous at the bistro after the office. The sides are combed back and the long fringe falls into the face just with a hint of playfulness.
One of the most outstanding aspects of this look is the incredible shine of the hair, which gives it the look of heavy and seductive satin.

Curled to Win

Masculine haircut with layers and curls
Dare to wear your curls! Men often feel that showing their natural curl might make them look too feminine. However it all depends on the cut and the styling. While curls do have a softening and even romantic aspect, this haircut is undeniably masculine.
The hair is parted on the side with a full side fringe. Layers allow each of the natural waves to fully show its potential. The sides are long, but styled close to the head so that the main focus is on the fringe. Mousse, kneaded into the hair, gives it shape and hold.

Retro Quiff

Male rockabilly hairdo with gel styling
He is rocking her world with his new hairdo and the extravagance of a high quiff in one full, fluid swing. Curls are great, but change always keeps life more interesting and, thank heavens, there is hair product out there for every whim and every mood.
Get that rockabilly look with slicked back hair and a well shaped fringe, lifted up and set in one large wave high above the forehead. As a very welcome side effect the gel gives the hair an extra boost of shine.
Hairstyles: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks