Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Shoulder length hairstyles
Shoulder length hairstyles have long been probably the most popular category of hairstyles, as it represents easy maintenance and impressive versatility. Being virtually the perfect half-way point between long and short hairstyles, these styles will forever be in vogue.
Create your own designer hairstyle look by incorporating fun styles, bright highlights or creative colors into your shoulder length hair to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. Draw some inspiration from these resourceful styles and imaginative use of hair colors, highlights and lowlights.
Turtlenecked Rachel Riley with shoulder length hair and curls
Layered shoulder length hairstyle. Hair by Yoshiko Hair.
For this first look the hair is cut into an intensely layered shoulder length style. The disconnected layers are texturized with a razor and thinning shears. The texturized fringe also sports an undercut, giving it that super feathery look. The warm medium brown base is worked through with golden blonde and copper highlights and dark brown lowlights.
Shoulder length hairstyle with curls
Shoulder length hairstyle with curls. Hair by Vitality’s.
The model’s hair is cut into a simple long-layered shoulder length style. The hairstyle is set apart from the ordinary with the help of warm blonde highlights on the top half of the head while the bottom half is colored with a natural medium brown and is styled into beautiful large curls.
>Shoulder length hair styled for a soft look
Shoulder length hair styled for a soft look. Hair by Veronique Dumazet.
This shoulder length layered cut has been thinned out at the tips of the hair to give it that soft, wispy look. The fringe has also been thinned out to frame the face in a delicate and decidedly feminine manner. The natural warm medium brown complements the model’s complexion perfectly.
Shoulder length hair with a lot of layers
Shoulder length hair with a lot of layers. Hair by Sergio Bossi.
This is a shoulder length hairstyle that has been incorporated with the maximum use of layers. The tips of the hair have also been texturized and thinned out for that super feathery look. The cut has been styled into casual, almost natural looking waves that frame the face in wispy tendrils.
Layered just above the shoulders bob
Layered just above the shoulders bob. Hair by Mod’s Hair.
The model’s hair is cut into a just above the shoulder, slightly layered bob. A few fine dark blonde lowlights are sprinkled into the bleached blonde base. The bangs are cut diagonally to form a sweeping fringe connecting with the rest of the style. The styling is deliberately messy.
Long angled bob for straight blonde hair
Long angled bob for straight blonde hair. Hair by Michel Dervyn.
Here we have a straight, long and angled bob that has been thinned out slightly along the tips of the hair, and texturized with a razor along the hairline to frame the face. The model’s naturally dark blonde hair has been highlighted to a very light summer-blonde color, complementing her light features.
Razor cut shoulder length hair
Razor cut shoulder length hair. Hair by Maison Gérard Laurent.
This is a predominantly one-length, shoulder length hairstyle that has been texturized with a razor along the sides to frame the face with feathery wisps. The thick and full fringe is cut vertically just above the eyebrows, while the medium red-brown base hair color has been interwoven with very fine golden blonde highlights.
Intensely layered medium length hair
Intensely layered medium length hair. Hair by Luis & Tachi.
Here we have a very interesting, intensely layered medium length hairstyle that has been thoroughly texturized and thinned out with the use of a razor and thinning shears for that maximum impact, feathery look. The base color is a light blonde, which has been lowlighted with a warm dark blonde in the occipital bone area.