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KAM Hair and Beauty Salon

  • bob with waves
  • swirl on the forehead
  • posh bob
  • hair with forward jutting sides
  • short sides and longer top haircut
  • long mussed curls
  • page and pixie combination
  • Elizabeth Taylor look
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Say hello to glamour and erase the idea of mediocrity out of your memory. It is time to turn the ordinary into something precious. Mundane is yesterday, jewels are in your future. The new collection by KAM Hair and Beauty Salon sparkles in the intense tones of precious gems, but it is not just the colors that take the breath away.
The haircuts are just as bold and of a rare beauty. A hint of old Hollywood meets baroque opulence and avant-garde minimalism. Hairstyles we thought we knew are pushed to their limits with exaggerated details in color, form and styling and turn into futuristic expressions of the eternal feminine beauty.
Hairstyles: KAM Hair and Beauty Salon
Hair: Karen Thomson
Make-Up: Carol Wilson
Stylist: Ian Tod
Photography: Jim Crone