Jewel by KAM Hair and Beauty Salon

Glamour hair with exaggerated details
Say hello to glamour and erase the idea of mediocrity out of your memory. It is time to turn the ordinary into something precious. Mundane is yesterday, jewels are in your future. The new collection by KAM Hair and Beauty Salon sparkles in the intense tones of precious gems, but it is not just the colors that take the breath away.
The haircuts are just as bold and of a rare beauty. A hint of old Hollywood meets baroque opulence and avant-garde minimalism. Hairstyles we thought we knew are pushed to their limits with exaggerated details in color, form and styling and turn into futuristic expressions of the eternal feminine beauty.

Electrifying Waves

Short blonde bob with glamour waves
From the small ripple to a tremendous wave and a strongly texture wake, this hairstyle has glamour written all over it. It reminds of wavy bobs that became iconic in the early 20th century and later in the times of blonde screen goddesses.
This look however is more intense than anything else before. It combines refine movement with heavy texture and all is dipped into the brightest gold color that is chemically possible. The hair is parted just off center and with all of the movement the length scoots up to just below the chin.

Swirl on the Forehead

Close cropped hair with a swirl on the forehead
Haircut with cropped sides and back
This is what can happen to bangs when they grow up. The large swirl on her forehead is the focus of the entire look. Not only is it the longest section of hair, with the rest all cropped close, it is also the most colorful one.
A sensational hair color transition from a dark brown to the flaming red of the coiled fringe is a work of art all in itself. Eccentric and definitely turning heads, this flamboyant short hairstyle still has much simplicity to be elegant in a very modern way.

Posh Bob with Haircolor Contrasts

Posh short bob with hair color contrasts
Red points accentuate the shape of her face by following the line of her cheekbones. This gives the short bob such a tailored look. The clear and clean geometric shape is glamorous all by itself and just oozes retro elegance. In comes the color and makes this classic a sight to behold.
Bangs and sides feature a bright red contrast color to the shiny black. The red was applied in the lower half of the straight cut, wide bangs, topped by even black which allows the red to shine through in places, depending on how the hair falls. The streaks on the sides are also very bold and appear in a regular pattern.

Very Short Fringe

Short blonde bob cut with forward jutting sides
With the extreme details of the bangs and the forward jutting sides, this short bob is a league of its own. A postmodern classic that is extravagant and feminine with the air of luxury and power.
The fringe is extremely short and has a super fine texture in the very ends that softens the sharp, but curved line that reaches from one temple to the other. Even more texture can be found in the perimeter and it comes into play very seductively with a forward styling as seen here.

Short Sides and Longer Top

Blonde haircut with very short sides and longer top hair
You are not one to dance on the safe side of life and love to express yourself and your exquisite taste in all ways possible. Sequins, heels, black leather and of course a great short haircut are all part of it.
Androgynous is the name of the game and the look also celebrates vintage influence in the shape of the whipped cream quiff. It elegantly dominates the combination of short sides and longer top hair with a perfect masculine and feminine balance. Own the night and illuminate the world with this diamond and platinum blonde hair color.

Mussed Curls

Long copper color hair with mussed curls
A slinky, swanky mane to heighten your senses. This epiphany of hair comes with enough seductive power to leave scorch marks where she walks. This one has luxury in every single cuticle and was made to be admired with awe.
Golden topaz has an unusual intensity and a strong glow. The hair color somewhere between copper and gold takes the long curls to a mystical level. Styling includes mussing the hair in the lengths, which also increases the volume. Well defined curls and strands keep it stylish.

Page & Pixie

Short haircut with a comination of page boy and pixie
Great hairstyles have contrasts. This short charmer includes key features of two great looks - the full fringe we know from a pageboy and the short texture that made the pixie famous. Both elements together bring about a postmodern look of unique shape.
The lustrous hair color is a deep silver with a rose edge on the fringe. The hair is graduated in the back and the fine layers continue around to the sides where they smoothly transition into the long and sleek strands that start way in the back of the crown and make up the extra long fringe.

Elizabeth Taylor Hairstyle

Short layered haircut for an Elizabeth Taylor look
Her name does not have to be Elizabeth Taylor to have a hairstyle that reminds of one of the most iconic actresses ever. Glamour galore comes in the shape of a short, layered haircut, brought up to full volume with large curls and ravishing waves, draped elegantly around her face.
The shape narrows again from the chin to the length, thus creating a trapeze shape. A luscious brunette hair color has the depth of a smoky quartz and the shine of all of the stars in the desert at midnight.
Hairstyles: KAM Hair and Beauty Salon
Hair: Karen Thomson
Make-Up: Carol Wilson
Stylist: Ian Tod
Photography: Jim Crone