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13.2 Collection

Mikel Luzea

  • Short razor clipped hair
  • very short bob cut
  • short hair with a clipped undercut
  • haircut with a steep short neckline
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Geometric Avantgarde dominates the scene when it comes to Mikel Luzea. His hair designs are compiled of strong lines, overlapping patterns with undercuts and added excitement with the use of color. Clarity of shape comes with color that is used fabulously to create 3 dimensional effects in a very cubist way.
Art and hair have always been friends and with his new collection Luzea brings them together in radical beauty. Sleek surfaces with high shine and one curly look will get you ready for the clubs or for the vernissage at your favorite gallery. These modern hairstyles need no further embellishment and only very minimal accessories are needed.
Salon: Mikel Luzea
Hair: Jone erice & Alicia Navarro
Make-up: Alicia Najera
Styling: Eunnis Mesa
Photography: David Arnal
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