"Indian Summer" by Samuel Rocher

Trendy hair styles and colors
The last warm days of the year, warm and intense colors of the foliage together with the anticipation of celebration, Holidays and long luxurious evenings were part of the inspiration for this trendy hairstyles collection by Samuel Rocher.
Styles for men and women feature a palette of intense, earthy hair colors, classy shapes with a refined and glamorous vibe.
Texture is key as well as sexy volume and just the right amount of movement in the glossy hair. With one exception the lengths are all around the chin line for women. Men's hairstyles are once again neat and short, but always with a little fashionable twist.
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Classic Long Hairstyle

Classic long hairstyle with curls and movement
This force of nature style is always a special treat and showstopper. This poster child of all the long hairstyles is a classic that never ceases to fascinate. Glamorous in its very core the long curls and the fluid movement of this mane are among the most beautiful looks one can wear.
This style comes in a super shiny dark blonde with lighter, golden accents in the tips and lower sections. This color combination adds a very natural vibe to the look and makes it even more precious.

Beautiful Bob

Beautiful short bob with a side part
The spice colors of this beautiful bob are so deep and intense that you can almost smell the cinnamon, the nutmeg and the honey. This hairstyle has all of the ingredients that we look forward to in the colder months of the year, but instead of a delicious gingerbread it is one of the most wanted hairstyles around.
The short bob fascinates with its sophisticated lines and eternal allure. A blurred side part, deliberately messy surface texture, however with a plan and much control of movement, contribute to the irresistible magnetism of this sexy and sultry look. It is all about the movement and that is meant to sweep everyone off their feet.

Bob with Bangs

Youthful brown bob haircut that follows the curve of the head
Nothing adds a touch of mystery and mischief to the eyes like a great fringe. This hairstyle stands out with its extreme gloss, the natural and beautiful movement of the hair and the subtle, but ever so intriguing color effect of a dark golden sliver on the very dark chocolate brown base color.
The hair was cut and styled to follow the curve of the head and it fits her like a very luxurious glove. Natural, but yet with all of the finesse of modern hair fashion, this youthful and classical example of casual sophistication is on top of the charts!

Classy Short Hairstyle

Classy short hairstyle with a graduated back
A round back with graduated texture and a chic, classy contour is accentuated in the right place with ever so subtle changes in color. The base is a very autumny dark red hair color, reminiscent of the maple leaves reflecting the last warm rays of the sun with all of their might.
In the back and also in the tip of the long side swept fringe is a touch of gold, bedazzling with its inescapable lure. The lower perimeter has a little wave in its design which breaks up all of the roundness and gives a dose of extra spice to the sassy short haircut.

Longer Top Hair in Waves

Modern men's haircut with longer top hair and short sides
This look is as classy as a movie with Clark Gable and the style does indeed have elements of the dapper men's haircuts from back then. Longer top hair and short sides make for a neat appearance and the shiny waves on the crown are attention magnets.
With all the hair styled out of his face, his well groomed, short beard can unfold all of its rugged, but yet very cultured charm. Classy, modern and sexy all at once. This hairstyle is here to stay and the best thing about it is its flexibility and the many styling option that come with it.

Neat Men's Hairstyle

Neat men's hairstyle slicked back with gel
Handsome from the sculpted sideburns to the wavy top, this short haircut makes men look their best in every situation. Neat, polished hairstyles are just as trendy again as dressy suits, ties and shirts with collars. Men can dress up again and have fun with fashion.
The short sides are slicked back with some gel or fragrant pomade while the top hair unfolds its wavy nature. A little volume on the crown and movement attract attention to this look, just as the intense shine on the dark brown color.

Casual Styling

Men's hair with a slick wave and finger styling
Short haircuts for men come with much flexibility and styling options this season. This gives him the option for a neat and organized look when he needs it and a fun, rebel styling for when he feels like it.
A little styling product can make all the difference and the transition from the wavy, classy look in the previous image to this charming rascal happened in only a few minutes. Use fingers for the rougher texture on top and then finish with a fine comb to add stylish accents like the slick wave in the fringe.
Hairstyles: Samuel Rocher Team
Make-up: Gianni Ribeiro
Styling: Paulo Gomes
Photographer: Pedro Pacheco