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Mič Styling

  • very short bowl cut
  • Manga look
  • very long bangs
  • bob with varying lengths
  • updo
  • French style braided hair
  • small braids
  • mustache and goatee
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Out of Slovenia comes a collection of hairstyles that is young, fresh and so much fun. The joy that the stylists had when creating this colorful bunch of great looks resonates out of every strand and we look forward to seeing more from Mič Styling. The collection has two parts: a set of plays on the bob with distinct corners, curves, color effects and a unique interpretation of classic chic.
The four other styles are spectacular excursions into fashion history and also to phantasy land, where our dreams are made. Influences are aplenty and the outcome is just beautifully elaborate, elegant, playful and hilarious with a charm that cannot be beat. This is retro without the dust. Reinterpreted braiding techniques and even a very dandy look for the men. Check out the clothes and make-up too!
Hair: Mič Styling
Photography: AljoĊĦa Rebolj
Styling: Nina Jagodic
Make-up: Mini
Products: Paul Mitchell