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Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks

Special effects are not just for the movies. ZV included a few of them in their Autumn / Winter collection. Variable, convertible hairstyles are designed with the busy lifestyles of modern women and men in mind, where one look just is not enough.
  • very short haircut for women
  • wispy short hairstyle
  • short haircut for women
  • messy short hair
  • bob for brunette hair
  • very short curly hairstyle
  • perm
  • shoulder length hairstyle
  • manly haircut
  • clipped hair for men
  • clipper cut hair
  • men's fashion hairstyle
  • diagonal male hair styling
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Each one of them, short or long, has interesting facets that want to be discovered. A common trait is the soft and round character of the shapes, warm colors and technically perfect haircuts. Undercuts, texture are used for great structure. One other technique is especially noteworthy since it is celebrating a comeback: the perm!
Less damaging and with more bouncy, flexible curls than ever, the chemical re-shaping of the hair opens up new possibilities. Of course we cannot overlook the cool new looks for men. Rules have been turned upside down and back again, so that we will see a lot of different looks on the streets. Traditional, avant garde, all creative, dapper and retro - all is trendy as long as it has a unique character.
Hairstyles: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
Photography: Michael Petersohn, Berlin
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