Color Collection by Hooker & Young

Creative use of haircolors
The edge of creativity has been pushed further out with this new collection by Hooker & Young. The power of invention comes to full bloom in the dreamy hairstyles of the "Color Collection". Some of the shapes have been seen before, but with the creative use of haircolor it is all new and shows the real power that color has. It transforms, excites and turns simple shapes into artistic expressions.
All lengths from short to over the shoulder are present and the collection appeals to women of various types - elegant to extravagant. A strong base color is paired with a contrasting tone, taken from a harmonious range that fits with the hue and temperature of the base, but is a much distilled version of it. It is either used a lightning flash or to create very dimensional shadows.


Short hairstyle with multiple colors and long bangs
These bangs are like a red flash in the dark and will propel you to trendy dimensions. The haircut is super cool and en vogue with a very short graduated back and long hair on the crown. For this styling the hair was taken to the front beginning way in the back of the crown.
A beautiful curve opens half of her face. The other half is covered with the gorgeous long fringe, shaped like the tip of a powerful wave and gleaming with the bright dark copper / mahogany tone that was dispersed throughout the dark brown base color.

Illuminated Bob

Minimalistic bob with straight lines and a short fringe
What could be more elegant and timeless than a minimalistic dark bob with straight lines and a laser sharp, short and straight fringe? Add a kiss of color to it and the classic look turns postmodern. The golden shine on the very dark base looks more like a ray of light than a color that was dyed into the hair.
The contours of these highlights are soft and just melt into the background leaving a beautiful radiance that softens the entire look with its sharp angles and lines.

Silver Bullet

Sleek short hairdo for platinum blonde hair
Turn yourself into a super hero. Or just look like one. This sleek and chic short hairdo will surely put you light years ahead on the fashion scale. Minimalistic as can be, but with a lot of finesse and surprising softness, this hairstyle combines a winning classic with modern coloring techniques.
Cut in a bowl style with dominant bangs, the distinct geometry is softened with a fabulous and extremely refined blending of a darker silver shadow tone into the platinum base.

Lilac Layers

Long blonde with pastel purple hair
Showing your romantic side does not have to mean you loose any of your edge! This long layered hairstyle is dreamy, seductive and soft, but at the same time the combination of the fierce platinum blonde with the pastel purple is extravagant and playful at the same time.
The hair was styled all straight as a contrast to the soft color and also to show off the deep texture that was cut into the tips. A Bohemian style for the new century.

Light Kissed Corners

Medium long hairstyle with a young feel
The deep bangs were styled to their full potential with a round brush, giving this medium long hairstyle a very young feel. The strong definition of the bob that shows in the top section softens up more and more in the lengths.
Not only does the hair flare out on the sides, it is also kissed by rays of light, which just decided to remain in it. At least that is what the very skilled coloring looks like. The very edge has a beige blonde shimmer that begins just at the line of the tip of her nose. Perfect balance and surprising elements make this an inspiring example for how magical hair can be.

Catch a Rainbow

Women's haircut with buzz cut short sides and purple hues
The color on this expressive and very short haircut has such a luminous transparency and yet boldness that is appears as if she just walked through a rainbow and came out with a lasting image of its hues on her Mohawk inspired look. The sides are buzz cut short and topped by a center section of long hair.
The front and back ends were styled upward with long, fine tips spiking up. The center is directed both ways with a two thirds and one third distribution, the golden ratio in art. Colors are transparent, intense and with a metallic sheen and go from a bright copper to a cool purple on top.

Same Length Bob with a Shadow

Hair color transition from brown to blonde
Simplicity at its best. You already know that you cannot go wrong with a classic bob, but there are so many ways to upgrade that look. For this example the edges were softened with subtle texture and a slight disheveled styling makes things sexy.
The star is however the color with its smoky soft transitions. Dimensional shadows in a cool brown tone blend into the beige blonde and just around the face the base color shifts to a slightly deeper and warmer shade of itself.
Hair: Gary Hooker & Michael Young
Make-Up: Megumi
Styling: Thea Lewis
Photography: Jack Eames