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Color Collection

Hooker & Young

  • short hairstyle with long bangs
  • minimalistic bob
  • sleek short hairdo
  • blonde with pastel purple hair
  • hairstyle with a young feel
  • buzz cut purple hair
  • brown and blonde hair color transition
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The edge of creativity has been pushed further out with this new collection by Hooker & Young. The power of invention comes to full bloom in the dreamy hairstyles of the "Color Collection". Some of the shapes have been seen before, but with the creative use of haircolor it is all new and shows the real power that color has. It transforms, excites and turns simple shapes into artistic expressions.
All lengths from short to over the shoulder are present and the collection appeals to women of various types - elegant to extravagant. A strong base color is paired with a contrasting tone, taken from a harmonious range that fits with the hue and temperature of the base, but is a much distilled version of it. It is either used a lightning flash or to create very dimensional shadows.
Hair: Gary Hooker & Michael Young
Make-Up: Megumi
Styling: Thea Lewis
Photography: Jack Eames