Hairstyles, Hair Care & Fashion

Trilab Parrucchieri

Hairstyles Spring-Summer 2012

  • angled bob for curly hair
  • short blonde hair with curls
  • brunette curls
  • short haircut with curls
  • medium long sweeping hair
  • hair tousled by the wind
  • sleek short hairstyle
  • double wave partition
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There is something about fashion made in Italy. Be it the shoes, the bags or the clothes - all have this certain flair that just flows over with elegance, casual effortlessness mixed with inimitable sophistication. Trilab Parrucchieri does the same magic with hair. Sensous, feminine and a little bit wild, but controlled with a strong stylish vision.
Haircuts and textures were made for each other and the colors are part of this team, never overwhelming, but supporting the character of the style. The palette is natural and earthy with subtle accents. The most outstanding quality of this collection is the amazing movement that was put in all of the hairstyles. The volume is big, but it appears light and fresh like the perfect Italian dessert.
Hair: Trilab Parrucchieri