Trilab Parrucchieri

Hairstyles Spring-Summer 12

Hair fashion made in Italy
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There is something about fashion made in Italy. Be it the shoes, the bags or the clothes - all have this certain flair that just flows over with elegance, casual effortlessness mixed with inimitable sophistication. Trilab Parrucchieri does the same magic with hair. Sensuous, feminine and a little bit wild, but controlled with a strong stylish vision.
Haircuts and textures were made for each other, and the hair colors are part of this team, never overwhelming, but supporting the character of the style. The palette is natural and earthy with subtle accents. The most outstanding quality of this collection is the amazing movement that was put in all of the hairstyles. The volume is big, but it appears light and fresh like the perfect Italian dessert.

Curly A-line

Angled bob for blonde curly hair
With or without a warm breeze in the air, this angled A-line bob comes with a lot of tousled texture. It looks great from the front and is especially stylish in the back with the graduated neckline. The front length reaches her chin and long bangs frame the face with a lot of trendy texture.
The beautiful mussed texture can be generated by massaging some mousse into the hair and scrunching it with the fingers. A light gel or curl enhancing gel can do the trick as well, but would be a little stiffer. Her hair color is a warm summer blond with the finest accents in a very light blonde.

Viva La Curl

Short blonde hair with a shorter back and curls
Enjoy the attention that you get as a "Bella Bionda" with a head full of fluffy, light curls that strike just the right balance of control and freedom of movement. The key to the classy shape is a great short haircut that helps to manage all of the volume.
The back is shorter and more layered than the front, giving it a gorgeous round shape, while the hair towards the front falls in larger curls and waves with much more inner movement and even a good amount of sensual tousling. The bangs are eye-covering long, but due to their texture it is more a fine veil than a curtain.

Romantic Curls in Brunette

Brunette hair with curls and a round shape
More curls, please! Get your curl fix with this short brunette hairstyle, executed with much finesse and playfulness. Shorter curls in the back provide a pretty round shape and the front features more length for extra movement and flirtatious texture.
The curls are in various states of definition with just the right amount of disarray to keep it sensuous and tasteful. A warm chestnut hair color with very subtle and natural-looking highlights gives it much personality.

Styled and Unstyled

Short haircut with curls and bead head styling
We all love a good bed head. Touched by the magic made in Italy even the most mussed up look still has a certain amount of effortless elegance. This short haircut concentrates all of the volume on top of the crown and has shorter sides.
Full and round in the back with a slimmer front, this is again a very flattering and desirable shape at once modern but with a very classy and sultry nature. The curls have been deconstructed and styled to thick streams of golden brown movement.

Medium Long Sweeping Layers

Medium long sweeping hair with layers
Big curls make big moves. But this hairstyle has so much more than deconstructed curls and waves. The layered hair with its very long bangs is treated with all of the tricks to create volume.
A lift on the roots, dismantled curls, teasing and head forward styling put a lot of air and anti-gravity energy into her hair and with the gorgeous hazel color her green eyes sparkle even more. A good hairspray will keep things the way they are for a good while.

Layered Bob

Layered bob with tousled hair
Tousled by the wind and by her creative and talented stylist her hair reaches it sensuous potential. It is cut into long layers that start at about the line of her mouth.
The entire length just barely caresses her shoulders, and the large waves are disheveled with a lot of finesse, making us envious of however she might have spent the last few hours. The hair color is a walnut brown with a reddish blush as if kissed by the setting sun.

Sleek Short Hairstyle

Sleek short hairstyle with soft lines
The long bangs are surely the main eye catcher in this short and very alluring haircut. However it its the overall texture and soft lines that give it is very sensual character. The back is rounded and graduated but has enough length to be silky.
Sides show much texture which also adds to the gentle character. The longest hair is in the fringe which sweeps out front and to the side in a truly captivating swoosh, capturing the rays of sunlight in its earthy transparency.

Pixie Cut with a Double Wave

Short haircut with a double wave partition
The styling of this short haircut repeats the surface texture of gently rippled water with a s-shaped wave washing back to front across her crown. With itself the structure is coiled and moves in a smooth transition into the side. What a way to draw a partition!
The entire hairstyle is about round wavy motion, soft curves and satiny textures all doused in a golden glow that captures the golden hour of a late summer day just before the sun goes down.
Hair: Trilab Parrucchieri
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