Slightly Angled Bob

Ana Carolina da Fonseca wearing her hair in a slightly angled bob
Photo by PR Photos
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Ana Carolina da Fonseca attended the 3rd Edition of "Veintiseven" Magazine and the 1st Anniversary of "Miami Life TV" Celebration in Miami Beach, Florida.
Her dark hair was styled with a crooked side part and cut into a slightly angled bob, complete with a long top that was styled over her head to join the rest of her hair on one side. The two sides casually cuffed about midway upon her neck and rested under her chin line.
Ana's hairstyle is an excellent choice for someone with naturally straight hair who wants something simple that won't take hours to style. A simple blow dry with a large round vented brush will suffice.
Ana Carolina da Fonseca - Midway upon the neck bob haircut
Photo by PR Photos
Ana's eyebrows are kept in a natural outline with a simple arch that helps frame her light eyeshadow. Her facial color ranges from a medium pink to an olive cast, and she is wearing very little, if any, blush. Her rose lip tint is light and complements her easy-to-care-for hairstyle.
Although Ana seems to be wearing an informal black outfit at the event, it is her well-designed bob that dresses it up for her.
Ana Carolina da Fonseca's short angled hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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