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Color Time by Gandini Club

  • blonde hair with blue streaks
  • colored hair accessories
  • high ponytail
  • braid and hairband
  • braided bun and headband
  • shake and go style
  • classy bob
  • short hair with blonde curls
  • blonde hair with color streaks
  • blonde mens hair with color accents
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Add some color to your hair and let the spirit of this season carry you away with its happy confetti tones in hairstyles that are full of beautiful drama, high elegance and modern finesse rooted in classic style. Vintage looks are made over with stunning effects.
Color can come in many ways, either be applied onto the hair with candy tones or as accessories that are tied in and wrapped around. The outrageous hues are set against natural colors and captivate with shades from a lagoon turquoise to a bright yellow.
Long luxury or extravagant shorter looks are made to wake us up from our routines and to get those energy sparks back that come from playing with fashion and hairstyles.
Hairstyles: Gandini Team for Vitality's
Make-up: Cristina Isac
Styling: Giuseppe Dicecca
Photography: Paulo Renftle