Hairstyles, Hair Care & Fashion


Intercoiffure Mondial Artistic Team

  • nostalgic updo for red hair
  • glamorous hairstyle
  • Victorian hairstyle
  • updo with a chignon
  • easy to wear red hair
  • high updo with curls
  • pink braids
  • blonde with blue hair
  • easy medium hairstyle
  • hair with a side braid
  • textured bowl cut
  • short and sleek hair
  • hair with a pink color accent
  • short and sleek red hair
  • short angled bob
  • soft short hair
  • bob with raised sides
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Be glamorous, show your sexy side and go all out. The days of being demure and conventional are over. Now it is your time to celebrate beauty your own way. Illumination is a grandiose line of hairstyles, boasting daring femininity and high style. Flashes of lightning and soft shimmer, styles from eccentric to nostalgic, all infused with poetry and a deep love for fashion.
So stop to secretly play dress-up and let Intercoiffure Mondial be your guide to the land of plenty when it comes to hairstyles. Whether you like it playful and wavy or your heart jumps with graphic geometry, you'll find the right look for all of your desires right here. Go for the light!
video Hair: Intercoiffure Mondial Artistic Team
Fashion Styling: Jonathan Mahaut
Make-up: Noriko Okubo & Natsuko Nakayama - Shiseido
Photography: Rob Peetoom