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Hairstyles with Wow Effect

Zentralverbandes des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks

The ZF did it again and upped the ante for modern hairstyles that look and feel good. Kicking things up a notch, the German association of the hair trade puts a big wow into every follicle and reinvents classic looks.
Short hairstyles for women feature detailed geometry, meticulous cuts and styling, with a tendency to round shapes and targeted texture.
  • haircut with a very short nape
  • buzz cut sides
  • shiny short bob
  • modern short haircut
  • medium long hair with blonde tones
  • bouncing curls
  • hair with blended colors
  • teased long hair
  • hairstyle for fashionable men
  • professional male hairstyle
  • Beatles look
  • short hairdo for men
  • boyish ruffled haircut
  • stubble length facial hair
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Longer looks boast seductive volume and flashy colors with contrasts and a lot of movement. Men take the stage with innovative short haircuts that are full with fine textures and unique bangs.
Geeky looks are super trendy now, but only if they have style and charisma, like the handsome hairstyles in the very "wow" collection. Each look comes in two styling variations for even more fashion fun!
Hairstyles: Zentralverbandes des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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