Hairstyles with Wow Effect

Zentralverbandes des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks

Modern long and short hair
The Zentralverbandes des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks did it again and upped the ante for modern hairstyles that look and feel good. Kicking things up a notch, the German association of the hair trade puts a big wow into every follicle and reinvents classic looks.
Short hairstyles for women feature detailed geometry, meticulous cuts and styling, with a tendency to round shapes and targeted texture. Longer looks boast seductive volume and flashy colors with contrasts and a lot of movement. Men take the stage with innovative short haircuts that are full with fine textures and unique bangs.

Short Nape and Sides

Women's haircut with a very short nape and sides
A line as clear as if drawn with a ruler separates the rounded top from the very short undercut sides and nape. The fringe covers the eyebrows and comes as a logical extension to this line. Harmony in geometry meets great hair design and very sharp scissors. The shape is uninterrupted in the back as the longer top smoothly transitions and melts into the graduated texture.
The undercut segment also differs in color to complete the effect. A beautiful blonde with an iridescent combination of fine strands in a range of related tones contrasts the radiant brown of the lower section. A tiny corner at her cheekbone is a special effect to add another wow to this fabulous very short hairstyle.

Buzz Cut Sides

Haircut with buzz cut sides for women
Miley Cyrus shocked the world with her radical new look and she is just one of the many celebrities who discovered the undercut as a great fashion statement. It takes a bit of a daring spirit to don one of these trendy haircuts, but they are just so irresistible. The straight and long top section is now styled upward with many curves that all meet in the center.
A 50ish look is the result and a great way to show off the amazing colors that connect the top and bottom part. A warm brown with a red shimmer is the color of the buzz cut short sides and few strands in the longer top section repeat this hue. Long live the quiff!

ChaCha Bob

Short bob for shiny black hair
Some looks are just never out of style. One of them is the 1920's short bob, the iconic haircut of the flappers, muses and artists. The modern version of the very graphic bob focuses on extremely sharp lines, a soft rounded shape with a slick and shiny surface.
No color experiments spoil the purity and the ebony black is perhaps the most powerful color for this hairstyle.

Bob in Disguise

Modern short haircut with much texture
Now you see it, now you don't. The sharp lines of the classic bob turned into a modern short haircut with much texture and forward movement. It's all in the cut and a new direction of styling. The hair was combed across the head from the back forward, in a diagonal angle.
The bangs received a little pull to one side and the sides are tugged behind the ear. Who would have thought that it is the same cut as the cool style in the previous photo?

Feathery Layers in Blonde

Medium long hair with layers and different shades of blonde
The layers with their sliced in texture are so fine that they remind of soft, silky feathers. These sexy strands are lifted to amazing dimensions with the delicate and very refined coloring.
The skilled technique used painting applications to infuse the hair with a variety of tones that are all in the blonde family but range from coppery to platinum. All of that shadow and light turn this perfectly undone look into fireworks of sensations.

Bouncing Bounty

Bouncing blonde curls
Curled with determination, the medium long layered haircut turns into a poster child for a new wave of romantic looks. With baroque volume and an exquisite shape, the grand design also features beautiful details like the one thin curl that falls right in the middle of her forehead.
Made to look happenstance, but nothing in this look really is a coincidence. Detailed planning and artful execution make this hairstyle one to admire.

Soft Waves with Blended Colors

Long hair with waves and blended colors
A perfectly drawn partition separates the two halves of the long hair to evenly frame the face. That is however where the geometry ends and the real fun begins. Soft, large waves bring beautiful movement into the hair which covers her shoulders and runs to the middle of her back.
In addition to the natural beauty of the long and thick hair, the color was used in a most exceptional fashion. Warm tones of brown on the crown transition into lighter hues on the way down. Honey blonde and deep reddish brown create amazing warmth and an unforgettable glow.

Lion's Mane with Sleek Contrast

Teased, curled and mussed long hair
The immense and overwhelming texture of the gorgeous long waves is pushed to the limit with teased, curled and mussed texture. The bombastic volume resembles the mane of a wild feline like no other, but to tame all of the energy the top was styled in an utterly contrasting way.
Sleek down to the ears and showcasing the darker, chocolate brown color with an extra dose of shine, the opposites could not be stronger. This look is on the extravagant side of the new summer hairstyles.

Beam Me Up

Hairstyle with short straight bangs for fashionable men
Straight bangs adorn the foreheads of fashionable men this year as well. The play on a famous sci-fi series will get the attention of fashionable Trekkies as well as of men who like to break the routine and who are daring enough for a distinct shape as this one.
All of the contours are shaped with clean and neat lines, corners are chiseled, but the top hair is styled with some soft movement to break up all of the strictness and to add a stylish and playful element.

Professional Men's Hairstyle

Professional male hairstyle for brown hair
If you need a hairstyle that looks professional but that can be quickly adapted to the other side of your life, you may want to take a second look at this style.
A true changeling in nature it can go from geeky, sci-fi stylish to a ruffled but neat look that would bring out your best side at the office and at the club. A warm chestnut brown increases the modern feel of this flexible cut.

Smooth with Detail

Men's hairccut for a Beatles look
This one you can bring home to meet your parents! But the neatness of his hairstyle does not mean at all that anything about him is bland or boring. The excitement sits in the details and perhaps in the little glimmer in his eyes, but let's look at the hair first.
It brings back memories of the famous mushroom cuts that put the Beatles on the fashion map in the 1960s, but this version has much more fine texture and unique details. The color is a delightful cocoa, walnut, molasses brown and even comes without calories.

Sexy Rebel Rocker Look

Short hairdo with finger styling for men
With a sweep of the comb, a little finger styling and a good styling product the "good boy" look with its preppy flavor turns into a washed out denim and leatherjacket wild look for him. All he needs are a pair of good boots and the motorcycle around the corner.
Styled sideways the smooth look shows its real texture and the little lock that drops in front is the little dot on the i to finishe this seductive short hairdo.

Texture and Soft Volume

Boyish ruffled haircut with layered hair
Robert Downey Jr. and other leading men of modern day Hollywood wow their fans with boyish, wild and ruffled haircuts. The effect has been proven and talented stylists all over the world make it easy to go from nice to wow.
The layered hair is cut close to the sides but lengthens toward the crown. It is styled to soft spikes and a lot of movement that comes to life with the cut in texture and very subtle highlights that just lift the dark brown base to warm, dark chocolate brown.

Stylish with Stubble

Men's look withshort hair and a stubble beard
He is trendy, hear him roar. Even though the hair is short, it does have a very lionesque quality and somehow pushes that purr button in whoever gets a glimpse of it.
The stylishness and high design of the hair which is curved backward over a round brush to get all of that stand and movement, is only rivaled by the savage beauty of this facial hair, which is only at stubble length, but contained in a neat and well groomed outline.
Hairstyles: Zentralverbandes des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks