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La FĂ©minin

Hairstyles Created by Lassana

  • Modern short hairstyle
  • Short hair combed back
  • Underneath the chin bob
  • Short wavy hairstyle
  • Mix of hair lengths
  • Bangs in two colors
  • Straight long red hair
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The fashion of the 20th century was influenced by three women whose impact is still tangible today. Coco Chanel revolutionized couture, Edith Piaf moved everyone with her voice and her style and then there was the incomparable Marlene Dietrich, a fashion role model for generations.
Lassana went on a mission to explore the essence of each of their distinct looks and the inspiration led to this tempting new collection of hairstyles for women who love sophisticated fashion. Short, medium and long styles have their roots in past elegance but were updated for the urban life of today.
Daring interpretations of cut and color lead to one of the most striking collections of the season. Who could resist the flamboyance of the incredibly bright red, the soothing depth of the black and the vivacious verve of the blondes?
Salon: Frizerstvo Lassana
Haircuts: Metod Tasič & Ana Oblak
Coloring: Nada Lučič, Mateja Križmančič, Jasna Mustedanagic, Sara Mikluž
Make-up: Maja Šušnjara
Styling: Danaja Vegelj
Photography: Mimi Antolovic