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Blonde hair
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Drawing inspiration from the twenties, fifties, and seventies, these hairstyles created by Intercoiffure Mondial are simply magical. Hairstylists have channeled the fun and playful spirit of women from each decade to craft looks that are modern and sexy.
The haircuts are delicate and light, ranging from pin-up styles to untamed looks, offering truly inspirational and fun options.
The hair color inspiration spans a wide range of blonde hues because, after all, blondes have more fun, right? Shades of blonde range from light, almost white platinum to darker golden locks.
These hairstyles are all about volume. Bangs offer multiple styling options, whether worn on top of the head, parted to the side, or for shorter cuts, spiked and layered. Using wax or foam on the hair allows for light movement and elegant styling.
The hairstyles in this collection are highly versatile. Different textures and lengths provide numerous styling options, whether opting for uneven or symmetric cuts. Using a brush, curling iron, or flat iron can create straight, wavy, or curly styles, offering a fresh take on graphic designs for hair.

Feminine Short Hairstyle

Feminine short blonde hairstyle
Short, feminine, and soft, exuding determination with a hint of playful adventure. Short layers with long strands cascading from the center of the crown make a playful statement. The hair color is a balanced combination of honey and light blonde hues.

Alternating Lengths Hairstyle

Short hairstyle with alternating long and short layers
Short haircut with irregular lengths
Alternating long and short layers are part of the new trends, resulting in amazing and unusual looks reminiscent of exotic flowers. For this hairstyle, the hair was cropped to about 3 inches with a layer double the length in between on the sides and in front.
The back is kept fairly short, with one longer section in the middle of the neck. Light blonde highlights add volume and a delightful shine.

Angelic Look

Wispy and fringy haircut for thinner long hair
Platinum blonde can exude an almost supernatural glow. When paired with a long layered haircut featuring waves, wispy strands, and fringe, it creates an almost angelic look.
This hairstyle is also well-suited for thinner hair, as the light waves and the cut add considerable fullness. Blow dry with the head forward and set in place with a mist of hairspray.

Curls and Spirals

Hair rolled up and turned into spirals
Hairdo with spiral curls
You don't have to be a nymph to rock this curly and wavy hairdo. However, with this adventurous and playful hairstyle, you can certainly feel like one.
Sections of hair are rolled up and transformed into spirals that flow freely, alternating with straight strands in an organic rhythm.

Hair with a Spiky Silhouette

Short cropped hair with a spiky silhouette
Short hair with spikes - back view
The special effect of this short cropped hairstyle comes from the extra length at the crown. The hair is cut close to the head, maintaining the same length around the sides, bangs, and lower back.
A longer section in the middle is blended with the shorter areas, resulting in a round, spiky silhouette and a pixie cut that can be styled in various ways.

Very Short Haircut

Very short haircut that brings much attention to the face
Stay ahead of the crowd with this avant-garde haircut. The hair is roughly cropped with blunt ends around the head, creating a subtle hint of bangs. Applying gel before drying gives the hair a wet appearance and creates a straw-like texture.
A very short haircut like this draws attention to the face and complements intense makeup without distracting from it.

Male Gypsy Look Hair

Gypsy look hairstyle for men
Male gypsy look hair
Urban gypsies express the multifaceted layers of their personality through their hair. Contemporary hairstyles for men feature long layers with diagonal effects.
The weight of the hair is shifted to one side, yet the cut remains balanced and dynamic, exuding a bohemian and artistic flair. This look is complemented by a short and narrow "old-time" mustache.

Enchanting Long Hairstyle

Enchanting hairstyle for long hair with natural waves
The colors of late summer harvest and the rippled waves of a windswept ocean converge in this enchanting style for long hair. The long, layered waves seem to be in perpetual motion, appearing natural due to the varying sizes and intensities of the waves.
The hair color transitions from darker sandalwood tones at the inner sections to a sun-drenched honey blonde on top.
Hairstyles: © Intercoiffure Mondial
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