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Blonde & Blond

Pulling inspiration from the twenties, fifties and seventies, these hairstyles created by Intercoiffure Mondial are simply magical. The hairstylists have used the fun and playful woman of the decade to create looks that are modern and sexy.
The haircuts are delicate and light. From the pin-up to the untamed woman, the styles in this creation are truly inspirational and fun.
  • short blond hair
  • short hair, longer in the neck
  • platinum blonde hairdo
  • wild hair styling
  • sexy short hair
  • extra short blond hair
  • trendy men's haircut
  • long blond hair
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The color inspiration comes from a wide range of blond hues, because after all, blondes have more fun, right? The shades of blond range from light, almost white platinum to darker golden locks.
These hairstyles are all about volume. The bangs create multiple styling options. The styles can be worn on top of the head, parted to the side, or for shorter cuts spiked and layered. Using wax or foam on the hair allows for light movement and elegance.
The hairstyles in this collection are extremely flexible. Using different textures and lengths provides multiple choices in styling options. The cuts can be uneven or symmetric. Using a brush, curling iron, or flat iron can create a style that is straight, wavy, or curly. The styles offer a new sense of graphic designs when it comes to hair.
Hairstyles: © Intercoiffure Mondial