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Hot Rod

Sassoon Academy Collection

  • sleek short hair
  • bangs with curls
  • short pitch black hair
  • hair color streaks
  • free spirited hairstyle
  • mens hair with clipped side
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Get your motor running. Turn on the music and find your own path. Rebellion is a favorite theme of fashion and for good reason. Redefining the status quo, exploring boundaries and breaking rules is not only a part adolescence but also what makes us creative.
Uninhibited exploration of style and the limit of hair while finding balance and perfection in shape gives this unique collection of hairstyles by Sassoon Academy. Memories of the 50s come in the form of quiffs and elongated front sections, but now they are mixed with a dose of punk and a lot of inspiration.
These styles reflect the joy their creators felt when they came into their shapes and the same energy will be felt by anyone who wears them. The house of Sassoon has always been a synonym for innovation and excellent technique. These new haircuts are once again modern icons of style.
Cuts and Colors: The Sassoon Creative Team led by Mark Hayes
Make-up: Daniel Koleric
Clothes Stylist: Tabitha Owen
Photographer: Colin Roy
Products: Sassoon Professional
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