Hot Rod by Sassoon Academy

Sassoon hairstyles of the 1950s
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Get your motor running. Turn on the music and find your own path. Rebellion is a favorite theme of fashion and for good reason. Redefining the status quo, exploring boundaries and breaking rules is not only a part adolescence but also what makes us creative.
Uninhibited exploration of style and the limit of hair while finding balance and perfection in shape gives this unique collection of hairstyles by Sassoon Academy. Hair memories of the 50s come in the form of quiffs and elongated front sections, but now they are mixed with a dose of punk and a lot of inspiration.
These styles reflect the joy their creators felt when they came into their shapes and the same energy will be felt by anyone who wears them. The house of Sassoon has always been a synonym for innovation and excellent technique. These new haircuts are once again modern icons of style.

Short Sleek Hairstyle

Sleek short hair with fused in colors
Sassoon hairstyle
The sheen of black leather accompanies this short sleek hairstyle. Depth and boldness go hand in hand with geometrical lines and a flame shaped fringe with fused in hair colors. Orange and purple in the outward jutting bangs add an element of rebellion by breaking up the clear and sharp lines of the finely graduated cut.
The top hair increases in length towards the front and increasingly develops more and more texture on the way. Contrast creates excitement and fire.

Rockabella Hairstyle

Modern hair with curls and 50s elements
Mix a 1950s vision of hair with modern curls and a feminine expression and you'll get a look this enchanting. Again it is contrast that makes it sparkle. Texture and color both are used to build up the vibration with smooth and curly sections next to each other, a dark base color glittering with specks of light.
The hair is short and graduated all around to about the height of her temples. The entire top is curled and continually lengthens from the back to the front where the full and curly bangs plunge deep over her face.

Asymmetrical Short Curls

Short pitch black hair with large curls
Let extremes meet. Vivacious and bold in all of its aspects the pitch black hairdo is made to be shown off.
Large curls are shaped to a wedge by adjusting the length of the hair in gradually increasing layers with the highest point in the back, just a touch off to the side. The hair below is as short as fine velvet and presents a very clean and geometric outline.

Fluttering Heights

Short hair with color streaks
The feathery lightness of this hairstyle is created with a lot of texture, an unusual placement of the part and most of all the application of bold streaks of color. The hair was separated in an angle way on the side of the crown and blonde streaks going both ways illuminate the unique shape.
The tips are sliced and textured and styled to hover weightlessly. Shorter layers underneath support them and add to the volume of the intriguing avant-garde look.

Free-spirited Hairstyle

Free-spirited hairstyle with long layers
Long curls are so old school. Today sweet and romantic hairstyles come in bolder shapes. The boldness of the cut and the styling was softened by the warm glow of the light blonde hair which comes with an air of innocence but also seduction.
The fine, long layers are taken towards the back in one large puffy wave, thus forming a trendy pompadour. The general texture however is all about being ruffled, undone and free-spirited.

Freestyle Spikes

Mens hair with clipped sides and spikes
Transitions are the theme for this short masterpiece. Transitions from one texture to another and then between lengths. Some harmonious and in flow, others abrupt and seemingly random. However, there is a plan to even the wildest textures, especially when the name Sassoon is behind it.
The perimeter of this men's hairstyle is clipped ultra short, but with a steep graduation in the back. The hair lengthens upward and even more forward on the crown. This is were the thrilling differences in lengths come in, all for a great visual effect but not as happenstance as it may appear.
The hair was fine tuned with shorter sections supporting the longer ones and increasing the hold of this dramatic style. Single color black brown is a logical color for this much boldness.
Cuts and Colors: The Sassoon Creative Team led by Mark Hayes
Make-up: Daniel Koleric
Clothes Stylist: Tabitha Owen
Photographer: Colin Roy
Products: Sassoon Professional
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