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Frederic Moréno

Hairstyle Trends 2012

  • short haircut with sideways bangs
  • red bob
  • braided bangs
  • updo for curly red hair
  • male wet look
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Firefighters will be helpless against these raging reds and smoldering blacks. The hair colors in Frederic Moréno's collection are one of the hottest trends this year. With all of this heat it takes a second glance to admire the shapes which cover a broad range of influences and various eras of hair fashion history.
You'll find it all from the sassy short haircut, to a classic bob and cinematic curly styles that redefine the word diva. Men are dandy again with pomaded or waved, strongly styled haircuts that are neatly cut and flexible in their expression. Film noir comes to mind and indie movies just as well. No wonder since these hairstyles are all about bold expression.
Hair: Frederic Moréno