Peluquerías Madrigal – Madrid

Peluqueias Madrigal has it all, with fine blonde lines blending up, over, and outward. Sharp red lines are sculpted with perfection, revealing the artist's mastery. The striking juxtaposition of soft rolling curls and smooth glossy lines is all here for your invitation and approval.

Hairstyle with Wispy Layers

Almost to the shoulders hairstyle with one shorter side and wispy layers
Be daring! This asymmetrical hairstyle will surely get attention. The hair is cut into long wispy layers and falls almost to the shoulders in fringed beauty. The other side is kept shorter, and all is balanced with mysterious bangs falling over the eye.
A splash of color on one side takes it to the next level. Try the purple hair color or get creative! Works great with naturally darker and straight hair.

Futuristic Hairstyle

Futuristic hairstyle with short sides and a short neck area
Futuristic elegance. Eccentric style with class. Looking for something different? Here it is. This works best on lightly curly hair with a lot of body. The neck area and the sides are kept short and layered. A handful of hair is combed to the front in a cascade of long layers and fringes, with the added touch of burgundy-colored tips that will really bring out your lipstick!

Super-Short Back Haircut

Boyish hairstyle with a supershort back
Short hair with a red glow
Sleek urban chic with a glow. This asymmetric cut mixes a boyish hairstyle with a touch of femme fatale. Perfectly trimmed, super-short hair on the back and sides with long fringes turning into super long bangs starting at the crown of the head. Fringed ends and a warm red glow soften the straight geometry of the haircut.

Just Below the Ears

Short right below the ears hairstyle with curls
Blonde goddess newly defined. This short windswept hairstyle comes to life with the golden glow of blonde hair. A light natural curl helps to provide body. The hair is cut in generous layers to a length just below the ears. It neatly hugs the neckline and cascades around the face with long and tousled bangs and sides.
A touch of mousse and your ten fingers give this style the characteristic wild touch. Great for nights on the town and any time you feel like expressing the playful you.

Playful Curls

Long hairstyle with playful curls
21st-century romance with a touch of color. If you've ever wondered how you could turn your long curls into an extraordinary style, don't look any further. Long layers bring out the playful curls, and all is topped off with a few colored extensions woven into the hair. This is emphasized by a weaving pattern on the side, which is accomplished through the help of some pins and a skilled hand.

Wildly Layered Hair

Wildly layered low-maintenance hairstyle
Meow! Bring out the tigress in you with this wildly layered style. Shorter hair in the back of the head eases into longer fringes that are styled toward the face. This is a low-maintenance hairstyle. Blow dry with your head down, knead some mousse into your hair, fluff up the fringes around the face and on the sides, and mist some spray for extra hold over it all.

Wild Bob Hairstyle

Wild bob hairstyle for fine hair
This also works for fine hair. Extra body is created through well-placed layers in this flattering short style. This looks best on a narrow or heart-shaped face. Super long bangs open up on one side for mysterious looks. Add some gloss to make it extra festive.

Modern Long Curls

Modern romantic hairstyle with curls and round waves
Curls with an edge. To give your long curls some spice, try styling them with a flat iron to turn the round waves into random edginess. The top hair is taken from one side over the middle and pulled into a loose knot together with the long bangs. Romantic locks become more and more angled towards the ends of the hair. Classy and super modern.

Wild Short Hairstyle

Wild short hairstyle with fuzzy fringes
Layered short hairstyle with long bangs
Hollywood calls. A blend of classic diva style with a modern twist. This all-over layered short hairstyle with long bangs comes to life with blonde highlights and fun, fuzzy fringes around the face.
It is one of the most versatile cuts for short hair that can be styled in a tame and sophisticated way or worn on the wild side with some styling gel kneaded through when it is semi-dry.

Long Hairstyle with Rounded Bangs

Long hairstyle with long rounded bangs
The perfect frame for your pout. Bring attention to your face with this hairstyle that pays homage to the 60s. Long and wide rounded bangs make a clean line over your eyes and bring out those cheekbones.
Long fringed tresses show that you are right on target with your fashion hairstyle. The cut centers on the crown of the head, and highlights make it shine.
Hair and Makeup / Peluquería y Maquillaje:
Madrigal, Serrano, 63 Madrid, Spain
Photographer / Fotografo: Miguel Oriola
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