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Short Cropped Hairstyle

Chelsea Kane certainly knows how to rock short hair. The actress showed off a super cropped hairstyle at a Disney event on May 19th, 2013. Her hair is cut so short you may consider it a version of a pixie. The hair is tapered close to the neck but very blended.
Short to medium length layers on top add tons of movement, volume, and texture. A long side bang adds the perfect sleekness and a subtle girly touch. Long side bangs also help frame the face. Bangs give balance which make them a great choice for long faces or foreheads.
Her hair is kept soft around the ears to give versatility and femininity. It is tucked behind the ears for a more tapered and sleek effect. The styling for her hair is awesome. It is given incredible texture with a light pomade to add grit but not grease. The product also helps add volume, shape, and definition. The bangs are waved a little bit for a tousled texture instead of a stick straight effect.
Chelsea Kane with very short hair and wearing a long dress Super cropped short hairstyle - Chelsea Kane
Bend your hair with a flat iron to get a similar look. Pay attention to those small details that really make a short hairstyle unique. Pale blonde chunks are placed on a dark beige base. The hair color has great brightness and contrast and the overall look is stunning.
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