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Hair colors for summer
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The world revolves with vibrant colors and bold designs. A cocktail filled with positive optimism - the season starts with a kick-off full of colorful explosions. The hair colors are influenced by sunsets, ranging from intense oranges to luminous tans.
Riviera Siren" is an extravagant woman with experimental colors. Orange, red, and pink are presented in a flamboyant way.
"Morrocco Muse" lives in the Arabian Nights and loves her freedom. Golden reflexes, mandarin, and platinum apricot are her favorite colors.
"Latin Diva" is an artist and lives in the universe like it's her religion. She loves the colors café, grenadine, and terracotta orange.

Riviera Siren

Medium long haircut for ginger hair
Textured hairstyle with hair touching the shoulders
Medium-long hairstyle for ginger hair, reaching the shoulders and featuring side-swept bangs. Draw a line from one ear to the other and cut a slightly diagonal line starting at the fringe. Texture-cut by point-cutting the upper fringe and the sides to achieve texture.

Morocco Muse

Short boyish haircut with texture and a sweeping fringe
Short blonde hair with darker streaks
Short haircut with a boyish texture.
The hair is cut from one temple to the other, starting the cut on the sides and in the back. Point-cutting is done to the inner part of the cut to create texture and soften the cutting line.
Fringe: the symmetrical ends meet at one point. Cut in a sweeping motion and then texture the covering hair.

Latin Diva

Long haircut with texture created by sliding the scissors
Long hairstyle with soft point cutting
Long haircut with a symmetrical circle-bow fringe.
Soft pointing cuts create a smooth baseline. For texture on the surface, create several layers on the top and sides by sliding the scissors from front to back with each strand.
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