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Hairstyles 2012

  • short platinum blonde haircut
  • trapeze shape short haircut
  • elongated bangs
  • short festive hairstyle
  • updo for natural curls
  • high updo with curls
  • ball of hair
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Pop Art, pop music and pop culture inspired this invigorating new hairstyles collection by Ishoka Hair Dressing & Beauty. Each and every one of the creative looks seems to ask "Where is the party?" Between channeling Andy Warhol and balancing a baroque updo extraordinaire is a rather ecclectic gang of highly stylish statements of drama and beauty.
Bold, bright colors and powerful shapes come in a range of textures and lengths. Curls on the artistic palette just as incredibly smooth, satiny surfaces or wildly woven structures. A breath of fresh air and bright spark on planet hair!
Hair: Ishoka Artistic Team, Aberdeen
Make-up: Maddie Austin
Clothes: Claire Frith
Photography: Jack Eames