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Hair Fashion Autumn/Winter

Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks Hairstyles

  • short hair with flair
  • masculine short haircut for women
  • pixie with diagonal bangs
  • pixie with curly top hair
  • bob with a steep cutting line
  • side of angled retro bob haircut
  • slim bob haircut
  • side view of bob with shorter back
  • past chin line length bob
  • long bob with curls
  • curly bob
  • long bob with curls
  • open style for long hair
  • retro up-style and turtleneck
  • sporty hair up-style
  • 60s hairstyle
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New shores are awaiting. The recent glamour hype has drifted away. Instead new puristic tendencies are gaining more and more ground. Rarely have the fashionmakers at the Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks (ZV) put so much emphasis on an elementary language of shape. Clarity and reduction make the styling trends for autumn and winter and they surprise with unexpected finesse. It is a very urban fashion for all those, who do not confuse attracting attention with flashyness, for whom being up-to date is also an exercise in style.
This season again shows the new love for the old style. Retro remains trendy. Design and fashion are especially influenced by the 60s. The sixtie's hairstyles are staged in a modern way and also the 80s are leaving their traces.
Geometrical shapes and exact lines create the graphical aestethics of the new looks. Some hairstyles even appear as if they had been designed with a compass and a ruler: pleasantly clean and futuristic in an elegant way. As a contrast a soft structure provides subtle livelyness and opens up many, even less accurate possibilities for styling. The fashionable eycatcher on this definitely are bangs. Straight, angled, jagged, round, short or falling deep over the forehead - their diversity makes them the expressive trademark of the season.
Current hair coloring techniques and effects with multiple colors bring out the best in the new looks. Dark browns like chocolate or ebony are dominant. But also metallic nuances ranging from silvery blonde to medium ash blonde are hip. Soft plays with shadowing and highlights are creating natural eyecatchers and give additional depth to the hair.
  • contemporary hairstyle for men
  • male hair with contrasting length
  • mens haircut with clipped sides
  • modern office look for men
  • mushroom hair cut for men
  • British hair look for men
  • long top hair for men
  • casual professional hairstyle for men
  • layered long hair for men
  • rear of long hair for men
  • long hair with curved bangs for men
  • long hair with highlights for men
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Hairtrends for autum and winter 2007/2008 take brit-chic, graphical style, pop-art und urban beauty to the heads. Beautifully shaped and stylish. Of course the purist influences do not mean a radical renunciation of the lust for luxury. It will just be interpreted in a more subtle way which at the same time makes it appear even more valuable. Perfectly made for the fashionistas of today. Fascinating hair styles are awaiting - amidst it all the bob. New variations make this ingenious classic celebrate the continuation of its enormous come back.
What about the men? The fashion program for the male style seekers is not less interesting. The new styles intrigue with their unconventional views. The combination of precise cuts and strong texture creates progressive, smart and also natural looks.
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
Photographer: Gabriel Dimanos, Köln, Germany