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New shores are awaiting. The glamour hype has drifted away. Instead, new puristic tendencies are gaining more and more ground. Rarely have the fashion makers at the Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks (ZV) put so much emphasis on an elementary language of shape. Clarity and reduction make these styling trends for autumn and winter, and they surprise with unexpected finesse. It is a very urban fashion for all those who do not confuse attracting attention with flashiness, for whom being up to date is also an exercise in style.
This collection again shows the new love for old styles. Retro remains trendy. Design and fashion are especially influenced by the 60s. The sixties hairstyles are staged in a modern way, and also the 80s are leaving their traces.
Geometrical shapes and exact lines create the graphical aesthetics of the new looks. Some hairstyles even appear as if they had been designed with a compass and a ruler: pleasantly clean and futuristic in an elegant way. As a contrast, a soft structure provides subtle liveliness and opens up many, even less accurate possibilities for styling. The fashionable eyecatcher of this season definitely is bangs. Straight, angled, jagged, round, short, or falling deep over the forehead - their diversity makes them an expressive trademark.
Current hair coloring techniques and effects with multiple colors bring out the best in the new looks. Dark browns like chocolate or ebony are dominant. But also metallic nuances ranging from silvery blonde to medium ash blonde are hip. Soft plays with shadowing and highlights create natural eyecatchers and give additional depth to the hair.
These hairstyles for autumn and winter 2007/2008 take Brit-chic, graphical style, pop-art, and urban beauty to the heads. Beautifully shaped and stylish. Of course, the purist influences do not mean a radical renunciation of the lust for luxury. It will just be interpreted in a more subtle way which at the same time makes it appear even more valuable. Perfectly made for the fashionistas of today. Fascinating hair styles are awaiting—amidst it all, the bob. New variations make this ingenious classic celebrate the continuation of its enormous comeback.
What about the men? The fashion program for the male style seekers is no less interesting. The styles intrigue with their unconventional views. The combination of precise cuts and strong texture creates progressive, smart, and also natural looks.

Going Short with Flair

Wearable short haircut that surrounds the ear
Don't fear sharp angles and points! With the fine texture and warm color, the geometric lines of this gamine short haircut are softened and very feminine. Influences from the 1980s are undeniable but toned down to their very essence, making them wearable for contemporary-minded women. Sides are flawless with their sharp cutting line that surrounds the ear and ends in a darling little point right at the cheekbone.
The long bangs are cut at a steep angle and textured for more lightness. The crown is styled towards the front, which brings interesting movement to the top. Last but not least, there is the magic of the luscious brown color refreshed with the subtle radiance of highlights.

Masculine Femininity

Short feminine haircut with clipped sides - Side view
Like the yin and the yang, masculine and feminine elements bring perfect balance to this short look. And as every coin has two distinct sides, so does this haircut. Check out the other view on the previous photo.
From this angle, with the longer top hair styled across the crown so that it forms a sleek and shiny surface, it is the clipped sides that catch most of the attention. If you go short, you might as well go all the way and enjoy feeling pretty and sassy.

Diagonal Bangs

Short hairstyle with short sides for sporty women
The sides are so short that they are almost invisible from the full frontal view. The bangs dominate, and with their steep angle and fine texture, they pronounce her feisty attitude and also her sense of the coolest fashion of the season. Mixed with the once-again trendy collared shirts, this hairstyle is one of the best looks for sporty and chic women.
The top hair is long and styled in opposite directions, overlapping each other. This adds movement and just enough soft volume on the crown. Check out the previous photos to find out what the sides of this cut look like.

Curly Top

Short pixie haircut with top hair that is long enough to be curled
If you thought you saw all of the sides of this snazzy short haircut, you are in for a surprise. This curly variation is just one of many styling options that can be played with. The secret to the possibilities is the longer top hair. It is long enough to be curled.
A curling iron or medium rollers can boost the feminine energy together with the volume. To make it unique, only the very top layer is curled, with the sleek underneath peeking through in various places.

Classic Elegance with Geometry

Bob with a steep cutting line and tapering on the sides
There is still a certain strictness to this bob, but the textured cutting line and the slight tapering on the sides of the face lend a modern softness to the classic look. The edge is still there, however, and this is one of the magic looks that might undergo a range of makeovers and modifications over the years, but it will never be out of style.
The fringe is cut meticulously, blunt and following the line contour of her eyes, and as a special touch, it curves smoothly into the sides. A bob is even more dramatic with the famous A-line, and this one takes it to the extreme with a very steep and narrow fit in the back, as can be seen in the next photo in more detail.

Retro Bob

Side view of a retro bob with an A-line shape
Remember Pucci and Mary Quant? Their fashion creations would be a great companion for this retro-inspired bob with its pushed-to-the-limits lines. Softened geometry and a very accentuated A-line dominate the slender shape of this refined hairstyle. Never out of style, the all-around look for elegance in all surroundings, the bob is truly indispensable.
The clear lines have been broken up with a bit of texture to frame the face in softness, and this side view shows us more of the interesting coloring technique that blends brown shadows into the cool platinum.

Slim Line

Slim bob with one side tugged behind the ear
Viewed from the side, this slim haircut definitely is a bob; seen from the very front, however, the very slim shape might make you think of other haircuts, especially when one side is tucked behind the ear. The bangs are just divinely flattering with their diagonal styling and the heavy texture.
The latter comes out even stronger since a lower layer has a darker color. A warm brown is set against a very light and cool platinum blonde. A contrast that could not be more refined and bold, yet elegant.

Futuristic Bob

Side view of a bob with a short back and a longer front
Layers in the cut and layers in the color are used to create a shape that is based on a classic yet still has a strong retro flavor, as well as a heavy futuristic feel. Layers and texture in the cut allow the hair to follow the shape of the head with a pronounced back and a slender neck.
The side view of the A-line (short back and longer front) is always chic, but it would be less striking without the layer of a darker color underneath the light blonde. Vertical lines change with every move, and the effect is almost oscillating.

Bobbing About

Past the chin line bob with movement
Always new and always chic, the bob is reinvented every season and remains an eternal favorite for many women. Never before did it appear in as many variations as today. Some of these hardly have much in common with the famous classic, but no matter what, things are still bobbing along fabulously.
Here, the hair is past the chin line and cut with much texture and a few shaping layers. The result is a frisky, wispy look with movement, but also romantic softness and a lot of modern elegance. The hair color is an interesting ash blonde with darker and lighter sections for a very natural appearance and a muted golden glow as a finish.

Bob, All Dressed Up

Long bob with curls created with a curling iron
An easy and quick modification you can use to instantly dress up your long bob is a curl or two, or even more. A little bit of spirals all around lifts the mood and the flirt factor of the wispy bob seen before. With a hot curling iron, it is a simple task and you will feel ready for romance in no time.
To stoke the fire, the long fringe is taking on its most mysterious appearance with diagonal styling, covering up one of her eyes for this extra dose of sultry, that we all need every now and then.

Curly Bob

Curly layered A-line shape bob - Side view
Take the idea of the last variation a bit further, and you'll end up looking as fabulous as this! With a head full of curls, the layers get a whole different meaning. Instead of shaping the bob to its narrow and sleek shape, they now boost the volume and bring about this contagious flirtatiousness.
The slight A-line is still visible and even pronounced by pulling some strands in front a bit longer and straighter than the others. Playful and attractive, a fun way to glam up a layered bob for a worthy occasion.

Dramatic and Festive Styling

Long curly bob with a sleek side fringe
While you are at it, keep going with that curling iron until all of the hair is neatly coiled. A few strands are allowed to stick out to loosen up the image and to give it a modern and even a bit of eccentric flair.
Seen from the front, the curly long bob from the previous photo offers another enchanting side of itself with a sleek side fringe and a lot of movement framing her face all the way down to the soft and silky tips.
The tiered necklace is a great accessory since it repeats the curves and the swing of her hairstyle.

The Ultimate Long Locks

Open style for long hair that reaches the waist
Take your long hair to its full potential and showcase its beauty with an open style. Her hair reaches her waist and gains voluminous power and movement with large waves. It is cut round in the lower section and also layered just a little to add shape and movement. A few shorter layers just around the face give it even more softness and charm.
Now zoom into the thick 1960s-inspired bangs. They are the highlight of the hairstyle with all of their posh and polished neatness and retro factor. Cut in a mellow curve that covers the eyebrows but stops right before the lashes, thick bangs are one of the hottest trends of the season.

Retro Upstyle

Retro upstyle with a headband and turtleneck
Imagine all the things a hairband can do! Even a skinny lavender-colored one like this. Not only does it create a beautiful contrast to her dark brown hair, but it also gives just the right playful and retro accent to her soft and voluptuous upstyle. Her long, wavy hair was piled up high and pinned into a generous, wavy creation, with some of the tips sticking out on the side.
The headband separates the sleek front with its combed-back sides and the S-shape fringe. A flawless look that combines a lot of fun elements. It is fresh and festive, but with a strong quirky side as well.

Retro Uptyle Sideways

Side view of an easy to do and sporty upstyle
A view from the side often reveals more of the secrets of a hairstyle than just looking at the frontal image. Now we see what happened to the rest of the fringe! It was turned into a coy curl around the side of her eye. Simple but so very effective to increase style and temptation. To incorporate all of the length into her upstyle, the hair was brushed upward, then rolled into various soft barrels and pinned down.
It is fairly easy to do, and there are no rules on how many rolls should be shaped. A great way to immediately modify this look is to switch hairbands. This one is on the sporty side, but imagine a rhinestone-studded one or a shiny lacquer.

60s all the Way

Girly retro 60s up-style with a hair band
It does not get any more polished and flawless. A retro, girly upstyle goes wonderfully with modern collars. The little white hairband with the bow might just steal the show if it were not for the perfection of the full, rounded, and immaculately styled bangs and the high pouf in the back.
It takes some skill to work the long hair into this structure of vintage pleasure, but the compliments will be so worth the effort.

Contemporary Man's Hairstyle

Man's hairstyle with very short sides and long top hair
This one is hard to pass by. Men who have a sense for hair fashion go asymmetric. The trend calls for softened lines, yet distinct design with geometric elements and a clear outline. Layering and texture take care of the smooth flow, which is directed from the back of the crown all the way to below his cheekbone in a diagonal line across his face.
The top hair gradually lengthens into the bangs, while the sides and the back remain very short and contrasting. His color is toned down with an unobtrusive and naturally shimmering dark brown, subtly enhanced with some well-blended highlights.

Contrasting Lengths

Modern short haircut with contrasting lengths for men
Not only is the length used as a contrast in this modern short haircut for men, but also the texture varies. With the drop-shaped, pointed long bangs and the ultra-short sides, he rides right on the biggest wave of the current trends, which use influences from mod, punk, and 1930s men's hairstyles as their inspiration.
If he needs to have a clearer view of things, the eye-covering statement of a fringe can also be styled to the side or back.

Smooth and Rough

Men's haircut with clipped sides and a long top - Side view
Check it out from the side view! The haircut is full of textures and interesting lines. A long top is flanked by closely clipped sides and a smooth-as-can-be neckline. Styled to the front, the longest section is definitely in the bangs which create a diagonal line and a postmodern attitude on his face. But that's not all that this cool cut has in store. Look further and be surprised!

Modern office Look for Men

Modern office look for men with a great short haircut
It is advisable to keep both eyes open and uncovered in the workplace and for many other occasions. No problem with this great short haircut. The long fringe is now styled to the other side at a bigger angle, revealing more of its texture.
The longer top hair comes down over the closely clipped short sides and voilà - a whole new handsome look emerges. Now the striking highlight in front is also uncovered, making for a subtle but still interesting effect.

Layered Mushroom Cut

Young and dynamic mushroom haircut for men
Layers are getting a little bit longer for men, once again. They barely touch his collar, but the hair is full all around his head and frames his face in a mod-style and shag mix that also includes elements of the revived, retro mushroom haircut. Gone are the geometric lines and the symmetry of older days.
Texture and slanted lines have taken their place and come together for a modern, young, and dynamic look. The bangs are short and just a touch diagonal, sides are styled straight down, falling in a smooth and rounded shape. His hair color is a refined mélange of dark and medium brown, ever so subtle but dashing.

London Calling

British hairstyle for men
Everything British is so en vogue, and this hairstyle celebrates the flair of the isles like no other. A bit retro, a bit modern, masculine and dandy, but also with a touch of grounded individuality and rebellion.
The barely angled fringe makes a strong statement, as do the longer sides that are styled in a face-framing way. Check out the side view in the next picture, which is followed by a different styling option.

Short Neck with Long Top Hair

Men's hairstyle with a short neck and long top hair - Side view
The texture is rather strong in front, but towards the back, it transitions to a smoother and more casual pattern. The layers are longer and have a nice silky shine, which comes out this arresting only on very dark brown to black hair.
As a special effect and little teaser for our eyes, the generally rounded line was disrupted by a small, softly angled cut-out that reveals a tiny bit of his ear. The length in the back stops before it touches the collar, and the hair is turned in and forward ever so slightly.

Casual Professional

Hairstyle for men that fits professional environments
A little change of styling, and this mod-style haircut for men turns out to be a bit more on the wild side, but still very fitting for all professional environments. The mussed fringe gives him a bit of mischievous boyish charm, and by pushing some of the side hair behind the ears, fine sideburns take shape, increasing the masculine factor of this hairstyle.

Layered Long Hair for Men

Trendy layered long hair for men
Long hair for men is once again trendy, but only when it is this stylish. All grown out with a lot of layers is the way to go for fashionistos of the day who feel the spirit of freedom and of rock and roll. These locks shake well when he plays his guitar and also make him look good on his motorcycle.
The fine ripples in the texture are the result of a natural wave, or they can also be created by mussing and massaging the hair with a bit of gel. This also creates the cool wet look and helps a lot with keeping the styling in place. For this version, the hair was pulled into the face. Individual strands are brought out more with a bit of wax or gel.

Ruffled Layers

Rear view of a long men's haircut that is very low maintenance
TThe rear view of the long and layered men's haircut shows how the hair falls just to the shoulders in the back, covering part of the collar of his fashionable cardigan. The angle along the side and up to the long bangs is low to keep the hair on the sides also at a good length.
With the cut so well-tuned, the look is very low maintenance and also gives him lots and lots of ways to style it differently and to adjust the level of wildness to any situation.

Sleek Medium Long Look for Men

Sleek long hairstyle with curved bangs for men
Without all of the mussing and disheveling, his layered haircut shows a softer side. Sleek and shiny is a look that works even for more formal occasions. With this styling, the texture of the layers stands out more and we can detect the well-cut shape of the long fringe, running diagonally and gently curved. The hair falls freely and even has some wispy ends to loosen up the look.

Straight Styling with Highlights

Long men's hairstyle with highlights - Side view
Highlights were a big item for long men's hairstyles in the 80s. Today's version of the infamous fashion is more subtle and looks much more natural than the forceful bleach beach boy locks back then.
With the over-the-head, side-parted styling and a smooth surface, the fine variations of color become more visible in the side view and make for a great, luminous effect.
The layers are gently bent and styled to the front where the hair feathers into the side of his face. This is as polished and stylish as this length of hair can get.
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
Photographer: Gabriel Dimanos, Köln, Germany
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