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Morena Baccarin's Trendy Pixie

Have you been gotten the pixie itch yet? The short trendy hairstyle is everywhere these days and Morena Baccarin is another actress who went under the scissors to sport a very short pixie. Morena showed up at the Belvedere RED Special Edition Bottle Launch (February 10th, 2011) with this cute curly crop.
We love how her curly hair looks cut this short! Her textured curls give the hairstyle a whimsical and playful appearance. Hair is tapered around the neck and ears and left slightly longer on top. The messy styling is sexy and fun. A little light gel or mousse does the trick for this simple and scrunched style.
A short style like this requires minimal time spent styling. Just scrunch and go! Morena's pixie is a great inspiration for curly haired ladies who want a shorter hairstyle. You don't have to have straight hair to wear one. Baccarin's strands are almost black and go well the actress' dark features.
The hair color is neutral which helps it go with lots of different wardrobe choices. Her dark lined makeup and killer silver outfit complement the look and help elevate the overall head to toe style and make it very glamorous
Morena Baccarin wearing a short silver dress Morena Baccarin - Pixie with sexy messy styling Morena Baccarin - Pixie for curly hair
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Photos: Helga Esteb/Shutterstock