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Tracey Hughes @ Mieka Hairdressing

The spring/summer 2008 season sees the return of geometric lines and classic yet modernized bobs with an emphasis on sleek glossy shine. Simple shapes with longer rounded fringes are given strength withbolder colour tones. These clean strong shapes work as accents for this season's harmonious colour mood with 2008 hair colour trends shifting away from cheerful contrasting tones into a more subdued colourpalette.
Summer is about going lighter and fresher with your colours. Blonde will be the most predominant hair colour, however we will see the inspiration deriving from the colours of nature with blonde tones of soft corals and pearls, amber and desert golds.
Brunettes will be tones of earthy sandy browns, rustic copper browns and cool jade browns whilst redheads will be intense garnets, sunset reds and rustic coppers. Darker tones will be ink blacks and navy blues with intense iridescent violets and purples.
Curls are moving into being a much tighter curl away from the soft looser curls of previous seasons. They are sexy and worn big with pride. This season encourages women to find their own personal expression by taking inspiration from the world around them yet recognising their own individuality.
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Zenith by Tracey Hughes spotlights astonishing hair creations where graphic shapes are complemented by bold yet beautiful colour tones. This inspiration is derived from the confidence of modern women today, who are at the pinnacle oftheir independence. A unique fusion of fashion inspired by the power dressing of the late 80s/early 90s is combined with the glamour from cabaret stage musicals.
Clean strong shapes work as accents for this season's harmonious colour mood. Zenith encourages women to find their own personal expression and to shine in the pinnacle of individualistic hair fashion.
Hair: Tracey Hughes - Mieke Hairdressing Australia
Colour: Tracey Hughes
Photography: Marija Ikovic
Make-Up: BennJae
Stylist: Cassandra Scott-Finn
Products: Wella Professional