Hair Fashion Spring/Summer

Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks

Those who prefer to be on stage instead of in the audience will find the perfect hairstyle among these looks. Finesse - but not eccentric. Stylish - but not overstyled. Pure - but not even a touch boring.
The Hair fashion Spring/Summer presented by the main organization of the German hairstyling trade (ZV) offers perfectly designed cuts, colors, and shapes, and styling by salon professional that is nothing less than a virtuoso.
Styles of the Swinging Sixties
Fashion is always a game with shapes and colors. New rules emerge every season. In this spring and summer collection, the styles of the "swinging sixties" were interpreted anew for the women of today. The best example is the bob, which receives a revival through its new design. The female styles come with precise cuts and no playful frills.
The precision of the cuts appears almost geometric, but it is often combined with a softer structure. The styles are therefore feminine as well as unconventional. A perfect match is the fabulous makeup variations that emphasize the sunny appearance even more with their colorful accents.
Brilliant Color plays
True masterpieces - those are the trendy hair colors of the season. Their natural appearance and brilliance are fascinating. The palette includes light, medium, and dark blond tones, spanning from light brown to reddish-brown and luscious mocha.
Also right up there is subtle playfulness with color. Naturally appearing accents are painted into the hair in rose and lilac tones. Soft contrasts and more depth of color are achieved by using nougat and caramel tones.

Feminine Garçon Haircut

Short feminine garçon haircut
Short haircut that brings focus to the face
With a new design, the garçon cut conquers the season.
Less is more. And yet, it's extremely feminine. Proof is the new shortcut. Its trademarks: the very short bangs and a generally compact shape. The succinct contours bring focus to the face. An expressive look for power-women. Restrained but powerful.
The shimmering side-by-side of iridescent blond tones colorfully enhances the style. Famous forerunners are film divas like Mia Farrow, who, with her pixie style, represented a new female image in the 60s.

Youthful Short Haircut

Short haircut with soft curls and waves
Short hair for a youthful appearance
The new short haircut comes with urban chic.
The fascinating lightness of being. Fashionably staged with a youthful appearance, offering all that a summer look needs: Finesse, naturalness, and movement. Even pop icon Kylie Minogue and "Amélie" actress Audrey Tautou know how to appreciate urban chic.
Different lengths of hair create a distinct structure in this second short-cut variation; the soft curls and waves also contribute to extra fullness. Rose and lilac tones are artfully painted into the hair, creating an impactful effect.

Bob with Increasing Length Sides

Bob hairstyle with strongly increasing lengths in the sides
Modern angled bob
The triumph of an evergreen - the bob hairstyle shows what it's made of.
It is the classic per se. In ancient Egypt, it adorned female pharaohs. In the sixties, the classic turned legend. In summer, it celebrated its grand comeback. Thanks to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, the bob is as popular as rarely ever before.
The new version keeps the hard A-line, but it is cut soft and fringy. The strongly increasing lengths on the sides are also typical. An ideal color: a luscious brown tone with pink accents. As a curl style, it loses its strictness and gains a romantic touch.

Subtle Provocation

Hairstyle as sported by Brigitte Bardot in the 60s<
Up-styling for a bob
A look that celebrates the balance of aloofness and sex appeal.
More noblesse is not possible, and it cannot be sexier. This hairstyle is unique. Extravagant in shape and color. The secret: a mushroom-shaped silhouette on the upper head and extreme length in the neck. Several nuances of blond are combined with lilac and caramel tones.
It is not a coincidence that the soft cutting line and the fullness remind of a sensual hairstyle as sported by Brigitte Bardot at the end of the 1960s. The up-do brings out the distinctive geometry of the new bob.

1980s Fashion Inspired Hairstyle

1980s fashion hairstyle with hair-crashing for men
80s look male hairstyle
Hair-Crashing: new male looks in style of the 1980s.
Men don't want to be good boys. Not in life and not in fashion. Casual looks for strong guys are the trend. Hairstyles inspired by 1980s rock music are in. Not to forget the look for medium-long hair. In this case, a creative cut mixes well with everyday wearability.
The hair is heavily layered throughout. The bangs are long, and the ears remain free. The neckline is cut in a slight concave shape. The dark blonde base tone is invigorated by highlights. The "crashed" styling represents a wild but authentic aesthetic.

Masculine Fashion Hairstyle

Masculine fashion hairstyle for longer hair
Longer hair style for men
Rock Style that creates an appetite for fashion.
Men are different. And they like to show this. Not always, but more and more often. For example, when it comes to their hairstyle. The rock style for longer hair is sensual, provocative, and very masculine. The basis is a very structured cut. The long bangs are cut into a triangle, which reaches the nose.
The sides barely cover the ears. The neck remains full and is cut in a concave shape. A silky mocha-brown emphasizes this masculine sensuality. With the "crash style," the look is dynamically defined and comes out just beautifully.

Versatile Men's Haircut

Versatile men's haircut
Rockabilly look hair for men
What makes a perfect men's cut? It has to be courageous, defined, and charismatic. The second rock style variation for longer hair is just that. With the sandy blonde base tone and lightened tips, it reminds us of rock legends like Kurt Cobain and Billy Idol. Yet, it remains versatile.
When crashed, it is just made for an appearance on the scene. Combed backward, it turns into a rockabilly look. Styled straight, it becomes a fun summer look.

Mushroom Cut Hairstyle

Beatles inspired mushroom haircut for young men
Haircut for young men
Not just for young rebels: the crashed mushroom style.
Men like fashion. Especially when it comes to hairstyles. It has to be cool, unique, and not appear too clean-cut. Therefore, the "mushroom head" sported by the Beatles has been further developed and refreshed with some rocking elements.
The hair is layered more and shows much texture, the bangs remain long and are cut slightly asymmetrically. The fresh beach blonde glows extremely to the tips. When crashed, the new mushroom is a look for young and young-at-heart rebels.
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