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Hair Fashion Spring/Summer

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Who prefers to be on stage instead of in the audience, will find the perfect hairstyle among the new looks. Finesse - but not eccentric. Stylish - but not over styled. Pure - but not even a touch boring. The Hair fashion Spring/Summer presented by the main organization of the German hairstyling trade (ZV) offers perfectly designed cuts, new colors and shapes and a styling by the salon professional that is nothing less than virtuoso.
  • Photo of garcon hairstyle
  • Photo of short wavy hairstyle
  • Photo of new style bob
  • Photo of 60s look haircut
  • 1980s look male hairstyle
  • photo of a masculine haircut
  • photo of rockabilly look haircut
  • photo of Beatles look hairstyle
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Styles of the Swinging Sixties
Fashion is always a game with shapes and colors. New rules come up every season. In spring and summer the styles of the "swinging sixties" will be interpreted anew. For the women of today. The best example is the bob, which receives a revival through its new design. The new female styles come with accurate cuts and no playful frills.
The precision of the cuts appears almost geometrically but it is often combined with a more soft structure. The styles are therefore feminine as well as unconventional. A perfect match are the fabulous make-up variations that emphasize the sunny appearance even more with their colorful accents.
Brilliant Color plays
True masterpieces - those are the trendy colors of the season. Their natural appearance and brilliance are fascinating. The palette includes light, medium and dark blondtones, spans light brown from reddish brown to a luscious mocha. Also right up there is subtle playfulness with color. Here naturally appearing accents are painted into the hair in rose and lilac tones. Soft contrasts and more depth of color are achieved by using nougat and caramel tones.
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