French Touch by La Biosthetique

French hairstyles
The Parisian "Streetlife de Luxe" and the catwalks of the fashion capital inspired the international La Biosthetique artistic team to design this beautiful hair collection.
Shattered looks with a lot of movement and texture combined with long fringes and contrasting hair colors. It's de luxe street style inspired and perfect for an international lifestyle.

Sharp Short Haircut

Sharp short haircut with short graduations and a fringe over the face
Totally individual! Powerful and sharp with an eternal glow. Science Fiction - at its most beautiful!
A sharp short haircut, created with dramatic short graduations on the top of the head. The disconnected fringe falling over the face adds drama. A stunning combination of hair colors based on dark brown mahogany, some magenta in the lengths and some extremely bleached sections.
Color: La Biosthetique Tint & Tone
Therm-O-Flat and CreamGloss produces a lovely sheen and a flat, sleek smoothness.

Horseshoe Shaped Bob

Blonde horseshoe shaped bob with a graduated fringe
High energy? The blonde dream redefines its limits.
This haircut is based on the horseshoe shaped bob with a graduated fringe. This charming blonde color has been achieved by mixing ultra light blonde and light beige.
Color: La Biosthetique Tint & Tone
The hair was blow-dried with Therm-O-Flat. The gloss spray Shine on Crazy gives this look its captivating sheen.

Romantic Long Haircut

Romantic long haircut with a disconnected crown section
Romantic chic? Confidence and style in one!
The disconnected crown section is the key to this chic hairstyle. Medium blonde beige with lighter slices in the fringe and side sections makes the color fresh.
Color: La Biosthetique Tint & Tone
More hold and texture is produced with Fixateur Mousse and Modulator.

New-wave Hairstyle

Short new-wave hairstyle with a graduated back of the head
Carpe diem! Full of power and passion in a new-wave revival - exciting and sensuous.
The back of the head is graduated and connected with horizontal sections. The sections over the ears remain disconnected from the back of the head. The fringe has been cut asymmetrically. The color is a futuristic three dimensional blonde. The matt blonde shades give this hairstyle the perfect edge of roughness.
Color: La Biosthetique Tint & Tone
The hair is blown-dried with Fixateur Mousse. A mixture of Hair Clay and Crème Texture Mate produce this textured shape.

Shattered Bob

Shattered bob with a graduated cut over the ears
Winds of change! The shattered bob defines a new future: natural and plain gorgeous!
This "bob of the future" is created with over directed sections that overhang the sides in a fan shape with a graduated cut over the ears. The subtle hair color is defined with dark blonde golden beige at the nape, light blonde golden irisé at the back of the sides, accentuated slices in the contour and top of the head and a separate blond with fine, woven highlights in the fringe.
Color: La Biosthetique Tint & Tone
Therm-O-Flat was used for styling to give the hair with a sleek light natural hold. Modulator provides more texture.

Annie Lennox Hairstyle

Very short Annie Lennox haircut with a flashy red hair color
Remember Annie Lennox? A clear "yes" to self-expression: unashamedly extrovert!
This very short haircut captures the extrovert trend of the season. The short, even graduated shape creates a great stage for this flashy red hair color: the intensively brilliant copper demonstrates dominance and a love of fun and adventure.
Color: La Biosthetique Tint & Tone
Fixateur Mousse is used for blow-drying the hair, with Cream Texture Mate or the finish.
Hairstyles: La Biosthetique Paris
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