Short Hairstyles by La Biosthetique

Short hairstyles
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Spiked, curled or smoothed out - the new short haircuts have something in store for every woman. The variety of expressions is as wide as the range of colors and this collection by La Biosthetique Paris gives us a glimpse of the new cosmic possibilities when it comes to hair.
Style and innovation come together to enhance our world with more elegance, more chic, more sassiness.
The looks range from classic to edgy and postmodern, reflecting the philosophy in fashion that the key is diversity and eclectic options. Once again the bangs are an important part of the creative expression. In many unconventional and refreshing ways.

Gamine Hairstyle

Short and gamine pixie crop with jagged demi bangs
Talk about a short crop! Gamine and bold. The jagged line of the demi bangs gives the pixie cut a new edge. Although the cut lengths are varied, but in a balanced pattern. The effect is a soft and spiky texture from nape to forehead with a refreshing expression.
Gamine and intense, this haircut is for the daring ones. It can be styled with the fingers and is one of the easiest to wear looks out there. Wash it, rub in some products, brush in shape and accentuate individual strands with fingers.

Bob with a Rounded Shape

Short rounded bob with tapered lines and low swinging bangs
The secret to the perfect fall of this short bob is all in the cut. The lines are tapered to allow the hair to curve out and then fit so snugly to the sides of her face. A deep part sets the direction for the low swinging bangs. Exquisite!
As refined as the cut it, the hair color takes this classy and elegant look to stardom. An almost white platinum blonde with its cool glow is set against a very light, but warm and golden tone. The strands alternate in various thickness for a natural effect. To style this cut, a blow dryer and vented round brush are essential tools.

Perky Bob

Angled perky bob cut that sits just above the collar
This A-line charmer stuns with the cool and warm hair color combination of a blindingly bright platinum and a soft gold tone. Radiant and flattering, especially for women with light skin. The cut was executed in a slightly angled line starting high in the nape and running to the chin.
It sits just above her high collar and displays a casual texture with full body and a softly textured cutting line. A round brush is your best bet to get this volume during blow drying.

Punk Rock Hairstyle

Punk rock hairstyle with spikes, undercut sides and gel
Out with the brush and in with the gel! We always knew that punk would never die and its epitomous hairstyles rock the world over and over. You can call it a comeback, but it was never really gone. Spikes are a great way to express your unconventional attitude and besides that, they are a lot of fun. Longer top hair stands up with the help of a good product.
The undercut on the sides makes for a nice and soft contrast as does the graduated neck. Medium brown transitions to golden brown tips that look especially interesting when the light shines through them while spiked up.

Feathery Short Hair

Easy to wear short hairstyle with layers and an asymmetrical fringe
Short, light and feathery. A hairstyle that is flirtatious and ultra chic. It is one of the popular tousle-and-go haircuts that give us so many options to style them and so much more free time!
Easy to wear and always making an impression, the short layers and the asymmetrical fringe work together to give you the chic edge that you wanted. A smooth red reminds of autumn leaves and fine wines. This all weather look takes your style to the edge.

Wild Bob

Daring and very modern multi-length bob haircut with jagged texture
Daring, eccentric and feminine in a very modern definition. A multi-length bob is the cut for you when you are looking for a style that sets you apart. Edgy and glamorous all at once, this fine piece of hair art features jagged splicing texture around the perimeter and a diagonal styling of the long bangs, that now remind of streaks of lightning in heavy rainfall.
Poetry turned into hair and a vision was made tangible. Straight styling is essential to make this look work. So get out your hot iron and some smoothing paste.

Carefree Short Party Hairstyle

Carefree short party hairstyle with hair that touches the ear
Here is your new party look! And you won't even have to spend hours styling it in front of the mirror. The edgy chop is as carefree as can be. The top hair is long, falling into thick bangs and touching the ears. The rest is graduated and short. Together with the spliced in texture this cut allows for a good lift and volume.
Enhanced with products, the hair can be styled in a cool, spiky way and as seen here with a lot of tousled action. Merlot kissed brown is a favorite color of the season.

Short and Curly Hair

Short and curly 60s hairstyle for red hair
Even short curls can be feminine and breathtaking. This hairstyle is far from the angelic cupid's short curls and reminds more of the movie goddesses of European cinema in the 60s. Retro and with a lot of character. For the exquisite shape the hair was cut with slightly longer strands on top, so all comes together beautifully round and voluptuous.
The front is defined by broad locks that were slightly flattened to form the bangs. The rest of the glam look is tousled and styled with the fingers. Red is once again the color of choice and we shall celebrate it in all its hues.

Partner Look

Carefree and supershort haircut for a romantic partner look
Ready for ultra-short hair? This crop is a prefect example of how stunning super short hair can be. Be unique and enjoy the benefits of this carefree hairstyle. This haircut is always ready when you are, and the only thing you'll need is regular trims to keep the clean look.
Do you have the guts to go this short? What can be more romantic than this easy-going partner look?

Short Sauvage Hairstyle

Short sauvage hairstyle with varying lengths
Très sauvage, indeed! A wild look for confident women. Varying lengths with finetuned tips, disconnected but in harmony and balanced in the overall shape. The front was cut to an asymmetrical fringe with a center part, nevertheless. It shadows the eyes and frames the face together with skinny tendrils along the side.
Super edgy and cool! Ready to turn heads in its beach blonde glory. The lower layers were teased to get the texture and stand, so that they can support the sleek layer of longer top hair. A large round brush used while blow drying brings in all of the volume. Punky elegance at its best!
Hairstyles: La Biosthetique Paris
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