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Short Hairstyles

La Biosthetique Hairstyles

  • short gamine haircut
  • round shape bob
  • perky hairstyle
  • punky hairstyle
  • fringey short hairstyle
  • wild bob
  • spliced hair
  • short hair with curls
  • ultra-short hairstyle
  • wild hairstyle
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Spiked, curled or smoothed out - the new short haircuts have something in store for every woman. The variety of expressions is as wide as the range of colors and this collection by La Biosthetique gives us a glimpse of the new cosmic possibilities when it comes to hair.
Style and innovation come together to enhance our world with more elegance, more chic, more sassiness.
The looks range from classic to edgy and postmodern, reflecting the new philosophy in fashion that the key is diversity and eclectic options. Once again the bangs are an important part of the creative expression. In many unconventional and refreshing ways.
Hairstyles: La Biosthetique Paris