Architect by Petra Mechurov√°

Short hairstyles for fashionistas
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Go short and express yourself. A bit of extravagance brings more energy and fun into life, so go for it and let Petra Mechurov√° inspire you. With "Architect" she gives us a small collection of four hairstyles to fall in love with.
All are short, have clear, architectural lines, fine contrasts as well as exquisite textures and color. Edgy and elegant created with high skill and refined technique for the fashionistas with a daring taste.

Cropped Sides

Blonde short hair with cropped sides
Female haircut with a very short nape section
Show some more skin this season and best start with your head. Say bye bye to the drab lengths and enjoy the coolness of a short haircut. This champagne blonde example has finely graduated, very short sides and a short neck, but a lot of length to work into surprising shapes on top.
The hair lengthens gradually towards the front, so that the fringe becomes a key element in this punk and pixie cut inspired hairstyle. Styling is super easy, just make sure the hair shines like a diamond. Smoothing lotion and gloss spray should be helpful.

Fringe Focused

Sshort blonde hair with soft texture and long bangs
One straight line is all you need to make your mark. Even the soft texture of this short haircut does not distract from the geometry of this expressive fringe. All of the hair around the head is directed forward from the graduated neck to the finely cropped short sides. It all culminates in the long bangs.
The frontal length covers the eyebrows and looks spectacular even without the sunglasses. The hair color is a very pale beige blonde, perfect for a summer in the sun. Find a similar color for your accessories and clothes and to complete the look pick a bold one for your lips.

Ears Peeking Out

Short haircut with the ears peeking out
All of that roundness in this short haircut is the result of extremely fine layering of about 2 inches upward from the cutting line so that a smooth angle shapes the hair. The roots were lifted during styling, especially along the straight side part, giving the hair an extra boost of volume.
To get this extravagant expression, sections were separated to allow the ear to peek out. The long side-fringe is silky sleek and falls in a generous curve deep the other side. Her hair color is a very dark blonde with golden brown marbling.

Short Hair and a Very Long Fringe

Short hair with a long fringe that covers the eyes
You always wanted to make a difference. A good start is your fringe. Long, in your face and curved on the edges to properly hug the lines of your face. Of course a wee bit of fine texture upgrades any fringe to a trendy look.
Here the length covers the eyes, but it is not too dense so that some vision will be possible. A great touch is the cool lilac on her lips in contrast to the warm and earthy golden and brown tones of the hair.
Hairstyles: Petra Mechurov√° Hair Design
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