"Effets Mer" by DESSANGE

Hair with highlights
All seasons with their weather and elements influence our moods and looks. Summer is the time to perk up and synonymous with looks that capture the warmth and energy of it.
Dessange examined a most fascinating part of summer, the "Effets Mer", the effects of the ocean on our tresses and presents them now in a stunning new collection. Movement, light and texture are essential.
Soft and natural is the language of hair this summer, all tuned up with streaks of sunny highlights and gentle waves that frame the face in long and shorter hairstyles. Nothing is forced, over styled or stiffened with too many products.
Colors are luminous and warm and the styling reflects the moods of the ocean from calm to tempestuous and wild. Hairstyles that will make you feel as if you were on a never ending vacation. You deserve it!

Elegant in Sleek

Simple elegant long hairstyle with sleek lines
Relaxed and sophisticated with sleek lines and a no drama approach to pure elegance. This is a wonderful way to showcase your long hair for a summer proof look that goes with your refined fashion sense.
A wide section was partitioned in front and taken to the back. There it can be attached with a barrette or more subtle hair pins. All of the hair was brushed and blown out to a straight and shiny texture. Simple but most impressive. The color is a warm, honey tinged brown with skinny caramel colored highlights.

High Tide with Long Waves

Very long brown hair with highlights and waves
Not only is the hair super long, the waves are deep and extremely well defined, almost defying the law of gravity. As a contrast to the opulent motion in the lengths, the bangs are kept sleek and with just a little flip on the edge.
The front was styled diagonally, underlining the asymmetrical design of this luxurious hairstyle. Precious highlights, just a few tones lighter than the base color, but in the same range of hues make the hair radiant.

Sultry Layers

Long hair with layers for natural movement
If your stylist was a warm ocean breeze, this is what could happen to your layers. This is how natural the movement is. With a deep set side part, the bangs flow in a low curve, diagonally across her face, ready to be flipped further back whenever she feels like it.
The sides are soft and light with shallow waves and wispy ends. Broad highlights accentuate not only the glow of her skin, but ever little motion of her long hair.

Medusa Shape

Heavy fringed shoulder length haircut with layers along the edges
Based on a heavy fringed haircut, this unique design reminds of a jellyfish floating around in the ocean. Long tendrils reach to her shoulders and are styled to large waves that differ in shape on each side, but are still in harmony with each other.
The top is styled round with determination. Not a single hair escapes the sleek flow. Layers are cut along the front edges to create this chic tapered effect. Highlights add a magic light show onto the medium to dark brown hair. The effect brings together a marine shape with the glow of a setting sun to make her the belle of the cocktail hour.

Accentuated Highlights

Medium brown long hair with accentuated highlights
Usually highlights are the effect that illuminates the rest of the hair. Dessange elevated the role of these popular color effects and makes them the star of the hairstyle. The highlighted strands are further emphasized by using a non sticky styling product to separate them and crunch a bit of extra movement into them.
The effect reminds of small rivulets left behind by the receding tide. The medium long hair has been layered throughout, making it easy to create volume and beautiful motion.

Low Flow

Long beach blonde hair with curled out edges
Long and short hairstyles for blonde hair
Casual but with a little twist. A long layered look is among the most feminine hairstyles to have this summer. Besides being sexy and full of volume it also has many other benefits, like a great selection of styling options.
Here, the long hair was styled to resemble a windblown look, with a natural texture, a good amount of deliberate tousling and gentle waves with curled out edges. Her color is a multi-tone beach blonde with very light accents and a darker underbody for a very natural, sun kissed and ocean water bleached effect.

Twisted Bangs

Blonde hair with long twisted bangs
Imagine how the dune grass moves in the wind or how the underwater kelp forests dance with the motion of the ocean. These movements inspired the shape of the this long and layered hairstyle with its clear separation of the long strands, smooth wavy movement and the long fringe twisted and quasi braided in a very loose fashion that almost looks coincidental.
But it was all planned and the design thrills us with its extremely natural, force of nature flair, but also with the artistry style that went into this casual and romantic look. Beige, sandy blonde with highlights and lowlights captures the warmth of the season.

Modern Mermaid

Medium long tapered shag hairstyle for blonde hair
A shag made for a modern mermaid has long lines, reaches just below the shoulders and glistens in a brilliant blonde as bright as the froth on the ocean waves. The long bangs are styled to the side with three distinct sections all curved and jutting outward.
The lower layers with their tapered edge are turned inward to accentuate the line of her neck. This hairstyle shows a wonderful combination of shape, sleek texture and yet a lot of action and movement in every strand.

Beach Hair

Practical medium to short hairstyle for the beach
For the beach and beyond is this cute, stylish and so very practical hairstyle. It can take the wind and the water without resulting in destruction of its beauty. In its styled state, as seen here, the medium to short mix of a bob and a shag features fine waves and unruly tips that wisp up here and there and give the cut and styling so much lightness and a lot of fun.
The part begins in the center, towards the back of the crown, but about halfway towards the front there is a sharp angle down to create the sideward fringe.

Casual Elegance

Casual upstyle that opens up the face
After a long day on the boat or at the beach, the evenings in seaside towns have their very own special magic. Look like a million sand dollars with a casual, but very elegant upstyle. The hair was taken to the back in generous wavy sections and attached with invisible pins in the color of the hair.
This hairstyle opens up the face and also creates a beautiful silhouette in the profile. A simple dress and a trendy, bright red lipstick are all you need to be the most glamorous beauty by the sea.
Hairstyles: DESSANGE
Photography: Nicolas Valois