Getting into Men's Hair

Looks for men and partner look hairstyles by Essanelle Hair Group.
Sometimes it takes just a little kick for a new look. A little color, a new haircut and a man transforms into a real beau. At the Essanelle styling, eight men where the target. Armed with color, scissors and blow dryer the professionals demonstrated in an impressive way, how easy this metamorphosis to a beau can be.
As always, the Essanelle haircuts are versatile, so that a new look can be created within minutes. Basically, the care of men's hair is important and: men wear accurate cuts again!

Sportive Men's Hairstyle

Sportive hairstyle for men
Casual men's hair with gel
As a sporty type, Chris needs a haircut that adapts to his lifestyle and his outfit over and over again. To achieve the sportive look, create volume at the base of the hair and in the upper side areas with a round brush. The indication of a side partition - please
don't draw as accurately as dad used to do it - lets the bangs fall to both sides in an asymmetric way.
For a more casual look with its gentle punky nuances, blow dry hair straight over a round brush. Slightly part on top of the head and comb the top hair sideways and forward. To finish, add some gel into the hair. Gel does not only smooth and texture the hair, it also brings a lot of shine! Shape the bangs with fingers and pull out individual strands.

Wild Hairstyle for Men

Long wild hairstyle for men
Men's hairstyle that is long in the front
Casual and over the ear lobes hair for men
Jan is the typical urban cowboy, who at times likes to play the gentle persuader in the evenings. His wild side is brought out by a long haircut with a tapered neck and much volume at the back of the head. The long front area reaches over the eyes and ear lobes. The styling is just as casual as Jan. Simply knead in some gel after washing and dry while styling with fingers.
Jan creates his look of seduction by pulling the hair straight over a round or a skeleton brush (SilverLine) while blow-drying. He combs a casual side partition, blow dries the front slightly outward and he's ready for the prowl.

Cool Men's Haircut

Cool men's haircut for curly and wavy hair
Cool male haircut for curly hair
Man with modern hair wearing a shirt and polo shirt combination
Styling - no thanks! That was Klaus' response when they got into his hair. The Essanelle professionals brought his wavy and curly mane into shape by cutting the neck and sides short. The top hair and the bangs were kept longer.
The effect: a cool haircut, that Klaus can style by himself in just a few minutes. All he needs to do is to blow dry the hair through his fingers, then define and fixate with a little hair wax.

Bleached Hair for Men

Very short bleached hair for men
Björn's smart demeanor finds it's best expression with a rather eye-catching look. The hair is kept very short with optimized shape. Precise contours emphasize Björn's features perfectly.
His hair was not only bleached but also treated with a Color Fresh Toner in light blond using a "shoe shine technique". This gives a casual air to Björn's look, which is simply irresistible. Just sexy.

Comfortable Men's Haircut

Comfortable and uncomplicated men's haircut
Men's haircut that doesn't look too styled
Layered haircut for men
Uncomplicated and comfortable are the key words for Nick's new haircut. To match his style, the hair was not supposed to look styled or too straight.
The layered haircut does not require elaborate styling or a blow dryer: the hair is air dried and then styled with the fingers and a touch of wax. It does not get any simpler and more convenient.

Trend Hairstyle for Men

Trend hairstyle with highlights for men
Men's hair with highlights
Courage for color turned Oleg's uncomplicated look into something unique. The matte blond made room for a rich brown with reflecting highlights. The effect: a true trend rebel with a ton of charisma! Clean contours and an improved structure on the sides give Oleg's cut more swing.
A small amount of Keranelle hair wax perfects the styling: just rub in palms and style hair as desired. The natural brown toning with Color Touch intensifies the hue of the hair. Magma foil highlights accentuate the tips and bring more of a fashion statement to Oleg's new hairstyle. Simply cool!

Casual Male Hairstyle

Casual layered male hairstyle with highlights
Haircut for a man with short blonde hair
A grown out cut, faded blond, little motion. With this hairstyle Sebastian exuded a "little boy charm". He is, however, a casual type with a positive disposition. To display this side of him, a few sunny highlights were put in that perfectly reflect his natural nonchalance.
Sebastian's neck hair was shortened, the hair was layered. To achieve especially lively blond effects the Essanelle hair experts were betting on the shoe shine highlighting technique - placing the color only on the tips. The result is awesome!

Gel Spiked Hair

Gel spiked hair for men
Male haircut with sideburns
Conservative haircut for men
Neo-conservative and still way cool! Zack's hair was evenly layered without short contours, so that the contours taper out softly on the sides. Instead of a partition the hair is gel-spiked in front and the sides are combed into the face.
The thin, indicated sideburns that reach to the beginning of the ear make a whole new look. It is conservative but much too hip to appear old-fashioned!

Short and Clean Hairstyle

Short and clean hairstyle for men
Short haircut with square sides for men
Shortgel styled hair for me
It looks rather preppy to treat the front area with Keranelle Freestyle Pearlshine Gel and have it flow into the face from the side. In general the care of the hair is important and men are wearing their hair shorter again.
With the motto: "More style - more correctness" the top hair remained long and the sides were cut short, clean and square. Depending on mood and event, the hair can be combed into the face with some gel for hold and texture, or it can be gel-styled in a light and accurate wave from front to back.

Lightly Layered Bob

Lightly layered shoulder length bob
Blonde shoulder length bob with long bangs and wispy tips
Lightly layered shoulder length bob for blonde hair. Featuring wispy tips and long side swept bangs. The front part of the haircut was kept heavy, with a low partition to create extra volume.
Blow dry the hair with the head down forward, over a round brush and accentuate the tips with styling wax. Pull the tips outward. This relaxed hairstyle goes perfectly withy the current fashion trends.

Daytime Look Hairstyle

Long daytime hairstyle for women
Long hairstyle with soft waves and fullness
Daytime look for long blonde hair with soft waves, fullness on the top and curls at the ends. Blow dry the base of the hair over a large round brush to create volume. Shape the large waves with a curling iron. Blow dry with your head down and knead the roots of your hair with your fingers.
Lift and tease the hair into shape and fixate with spray. Make sure to leave enough volume on top and in the back to bring out the full effect of the hairstyle.

Chin Length Bob

Clean chin length bob with a rounded contour
Short blonde bob with a layered neck and back
Clean and chic: the blonde chin length bob with a rounded contour in front and the mini bangs appears symmetrically accurate but in no way modest. The neck and back are layered throughout to make this look opulent. Top and front stay at one length to emphasize the clean chic.
Nurturing the hair with a moisturizing shampoo (e.g. Living Ends from Keranelle) gives an especially silky shine to the hair. Blow dry over paddle brush. To finalize add some volume to back and sides with Effects Hairspray (from Keranelle)

Free Long Hair

Free fall long hair with voluminous ends
Long hair styled to increase motion and swing
Free and open style for long hair. Styled to make the ends of the hair look more voluminous. Blow dry it semi dry with your head down and knead the base with your fingers to create extra volume.
Blow dry the top over a large round brush to make it straight and pull the lengths straight with the help of a tunnel brush. Ruffle the hair loose and define the tips for more motion and swing.

Short Hair with Bangs

Short layered hair with bangs
Layered short haircut and a turtleneck
Side view of a short layered hairstyle. The hair was cut around the ears and the neck and back of the head fully layered. The top hair was cut to one length. The rather short bangs were cut in a strict contour and run towards the ears.
The match between the pixie cut and the sleeveless turtleneck is perfect. Blow dry the hair over a tunnel brush and shape it with styling wax.

Round Blunt Haircut

Hair cut short, round and blunt
Short blunt hairstyle with a round shape
All hair is cut short, round and blunt. Starting at the root of the nose the bangs are brought to a round tapered shape towards the earlobes. The neck is full, and the top hair is slightly pointed. Blow dry the hair over a large round brush (SilverLine) and fixate with hair spray.

Bob with Longer Front

Blonde bob with full bangs
Chin length bob with a longer front
The hair is cut into a bob with the front kept slightly longer. The full bangs are tapered to the sides. The back shows a concave gradation. Use a lot of mousse, turn tips outward with a flat iron and pull the bangs straight and blunt to the front.

Long Hair with Soft Waves

Long hairstyle with soft waves
Long blonde hair with rounded bangs
To turn into a classical diva all that Milla needs is a curling iron. The length and tips of the hair is shaped into soft waves with the iron. The bangs are styled to a voluminous roundness with a round brush (SilverLine) - done!

Easy To Style Bob

Bob style for women with short hair
Easy to style short bob
The bob is like a revelation for women with short hair. Worn straight or wild and with vivacious styling it can be changed and made fit for every occasion. The wild side of the bob is easy to do: shape the hair with a large round brush (SilverLine).
Starting in the back blow dry individual strands forward. Work out some of the strands with Pearlshine gel by Keranelle and pull the bangs into the face, forming fringes.

Medium Hairstyle with Curls

Medium length hair with romantic curls
Medium hairstyle with blonde curls
New romantic curls! To achieve maximum hold spray hair enamel (Construct Haarlack by Keranelle) into damp hair. Then roll up the tips over a curling iron and shake them loose with your fingers. Do not brush after this. Fixate, depending on hair type, with hairspray (Effects by Keranelle).

Short Sporty Bob

Casual short bob with a side partition
Short sporty lip-level bob with side bangs
Sporty short lip-level bob with side swept bangs. Featuring a side partition from where the top hair is styled to one side. Blow drying over a large round brush and finalized by pulling the ends of the hair outward with a flat iron.

Long Tapered Hair

Long tapered and slightly layered hair
Sleek long hair with bangs that cover the eyebrows
The bangs have been kept smaller and considerably more harmonious. What remains is the length that is worn slightly covering the eyebrows. That makes it stylish. The hair is layered lightly on the side to shoulder lenght and gently tapered around the face. This way the style does not get too voluminous but still lively.
The long parts are blow dried over a brush. You want to avoid letting the bangs puff up too high and just pull it straight with your fingers under the blow drier. (Keranelle Antistress Hair Daycreme revitalizes hair and gives it a silken shine.)

Short Page Cut

Short hairstyle with bangs and light curls
Straight styling for a short page cut
Here you can see a page cut with lots of volume on top. The total volume of this short hairstyle is at the top of the head thus guaranteeing a large variety of styles. To achieve better hold, massage mousse into wet hair e.g. Movement Stylingfoam (by Keranelle). A straight variation can be achieved by blowdrying over a round brush (SilverLine).
The back of the head gets some volume by rolling a round brush into hair and letting it cool off briefly. Light curls in the top hair can change the look! Roll the hair on soft curlers (papillotes) or hot curlers. Simply bring "into motion" with a wide toothed comb. Blow dry the bangs over a round brush.

Short Layered Haircut

Short ebony colored haircut with layering
Easy to shape with the fingers short haircut
It all depends on the tone! First the hair was colored with an intensive tone in ebony and turned slightly metallic with the use of a modern bluish tone. After the color play it was shortened and lightly graduated.
The hair was dried over a tunnel vent brush (SilverLine). With this length you can easily shape the hair with the fingers. Freestyle, a Pearlshine gel by Keranelle fixates the hair. Roll the ends outward. Done!
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