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Getting into Men's Hair

The new looks for men and partner look hairstyles.
  • sportive look
  • hairstyle with tapered neck
  • cool male haircut
  • casual look for man
  • comfortable haircut
  • rebel haircut
  • male highlights
  • gel spiked
  • shorter male hair
  • wispy tips hair
  • large waves hairstyle
  • rounded bob
  • long hair
  • short hairstyle with bangs
  • round and blunt cut hair
  • bob hairstyle
  • soft waves
  • short bob hairstyle
  • romantic curls
  • sporty bob
  • shoulderlength hair
  • page cut
  • hair shaped with fingers
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Sometimes it takes just a little kick for a new look. A little color, a new haircut and a man transforms into a real beau. At the essanelle styling 8 men where the target. Armed with color, scissors and blow dryer the professionals demonstrated in an impressive way, how easy this metamorphosis to a beau can be.
As always the essanelle haircuts are versatile, so that a new look can be created within minutes. Basically the care of men's hair is important and: men wear accurate cuts again!