Paradis Lunaire by DESSANGE

Modern hair based on classic ideas
Innovation always has a base in the traditional. Making the good even better and putting a modern look to reinvented classic ideas is just one of the specialties of the house of Dessange. For this fall and winter hair falls in supple, satiny textures and controlled, well defined shapes with curls, textures and layers. The cuts have bold lines, but a feminine flair.
Short fringes are back, but now with jagged edges and layers that build a strong contrast to the rest of the hair. Passion and desire are made visible in these sculpted hairstyles with their heavy plays of light and shadow.

Bed Head Hairstyle

Long bed head hairstyle for blonde hair with highlights
Just out of bed look for long hair
Dessange's interpretation of the "just out of bed look" is smoother than other hairstyles in this popular category and filled with luscious light and warm tones. Light curls and naturally falling waves were created with a curling iron and create an effortless elegance with very beautiful undertones.
The silky length and gentle movement makes a nice contrast to the short fringe with its zigzag cutting line and the light layers that give it is shape. Warm honey blonde and targeted highlights bring an amazing depth and glow to this over the shoulder hairstyle.

Opulent Curls with Short Fringe

Trapeze shape haircut with curls in the lower perimeter
Dimension and contrast are the key elements to this very classy and also very bodacious style. Sexy in every lock, the hair first falls in a slightly puffed up sleek fashion and then turns into powerful curls in the lower perimeter. This generates a beautiful trapeze shape, that is very flattering for most face shapes.
Intense and flirtatious is the nature of this hairstyle that comes with an ultramodern short and jagged fringe to build up tension and drama.

Soft Modern Bun

Updo with a hairpin and the top hair rolled inward
This upstyle features several ingredients that can stop traffic and make jaws drop. A special highlighting technique was developed just for this type of updo and it creates dramatic transitions between dark and very light tones that have a painterly quality and bring so much shimmer and dimension to the sleek shape.
The hair was taken up all around and rolled inward on the top. The front is adorned by a voluminous quiff. Volume is important for this hairstyle, less on the sides but with all of its power on the top of the head. To take it up even another notch, use a statement hairpin and push it into the side of the quiff.

Soft and Heavy

Long hairstyle for thick and heavy hair
Heavy does not have to be negative when it comes to hair. It stands for thick, luscious and pure luxury of shape and fall. Like the difference between a fluttery chiffon and the opulence of thick silk.
This long hairstyle was created by cutting distinctive layers into the lower third of the hair and accentuating each of the exciting curls with broad strokes of a copper color that stands out brilliantly against the dark brown background. A side part and long, draped fringe complete this vision of pure luxury and feminine elegance.

Cascading Curls with Accessory

Long hairstyle with a metal hairband
Romantic and classic in its shape, this hairstyle becomes very contemporary with is ingenious use of color. The low volume look features a bright light line that takes the eye on a journey along the waterfall shape of the twisted cascade on the side, while the main body of hair shimmers in a deep black-brown tone.
The front was designed to fall low over the eye for an additional dose of mystery. The subtle metal hairband by Dessange gives it a precious feel with the flair of a beauty from ancient times.

Modern Bangs with Long Curls

Long brown hairstyle with diagonally drawn highlights
Femininity and rebellion could not be more elegant when they come together in a long hairstyle of this quality. The greatest finesse was put into the diagonally drawn highlights that allow a beautiful and perfect blend of the darker top to the illuminated tips.
The lighter the hair becomes the more movement takes place and both, the light and the motion are supporting each other in a most playful and striking way. Again the short fringe shows an extremely jagged line. Modern, feminine and fabulous beyond chic.

Classic Bob with Modern Lines

Modern short bob with a short fringe
In the early 20th century the actress and dancer Louise Brooks made the short bob famous, Dessange keeps it modern. It is amazing how often the bob can be reinvented, but yet, every year new versions come on the scene.
Dessange created a masterpiece by keeping the basic shape of the traditional look, but adding softening layers, a rugged short fringe and a neck hugging extension in the back. The effect is stunning.

Face Hugging Pixie

Face hugging pixie cut for black hair
The sexy shortcuts that became so popular about half a century ago are back with increased strength and new details. This face hugging pixie gets its power from the black color with its fabulous shine and the combination of soft and rugged textures along the cutting line.
The short fringe flares out in soft feathers that are repeated in the neck. Cheekbones stand out when accentuated with sharp points as these. Wear smoky eyes with it and use a gloss spray for the perfect finish!
Photography: Nicolas Valois
Creative Director: Eduardo Sánchez