Balayage Voyage by L'Oréal Professionnel

Balayage hair
Summer means vacation and that means traveling! Where do you want to go next? Six hairstyles were inspired by some of the world's most beautiful destinations. From Brazil to Capri hair reflects the sun and the energy of the places with innovative techniques and amazing cuts.
Since it is holiday time, the styles are on the casual side with soft and sexy textures, layers and easy going finishes. They can be posh and sophisticated if they have to and easily transform from a beachy look to cocktail hour. Shades like hazelnut, spice and vanilla will make this a summer to remember.

Hazelnut Toned Highlights

Dark brown hair with hazelnut toned highlights
Highlights transform hair and bring new life into any color without changing it entirely. This long and sophisticated hairstyle features hazelnut toned streaks in dark brown hair with just enough contrast to make it sparkle and to give it a natural and very exotic touch.
The layers allow the front to curl and wave around her face and shoulders and give a nice shape to the back. The healthy shine in the main body of hair makes this style so very desirable. Add a mist of gloss spray to take it to the limit.

Brilliant Blonde & Golden Highlights

Long hair with highlights in golden and blonde tones
Relaxed layers surround her features in wispy beauty. The movement and the light volume in the long hair soften all edges and bring focus to her face. This is not just a great wash and go vacation look. It can be dressed up and down from beach to theater as you need it.
The beautiful highlights shimmer in golden and soft blonde tones. They are perfectly adjusted in their color transitions and are applied by sectioning the hair in several directions to give the hair its natural, fresh from the beach, sun kissed look. The tips are emphasized with the lighter tones just as it would happen in the sun and the wind.

Soft Beige Reflects

Brown hair that looks naturally lightened
Put on those shades and enjoy a luxurious day in the sun! Summer, bikinis and highlights are made for each other. With the soft beige accents her long dark brown hair already looks naturally lightened. The reflects were applied from about one third of the length downward with emphasis on the tips in the long layers.
The natural curl is springing up through the new lightness of the cut and the artistry of the hair color develops a magic dimension, accentuating every wave in its fluid shape. The base of the hair, especially around her face is darker than the rest to increase the effect and to make it look like a gift from mother nature.

Chic Contrast Blonde

Hair with a color transition from brown to blonde
Similar to the previous hairstyle the hair at the base is much darker than the rest and untouched by the brilliant highlights. A soft color transition from the dark brown to a medium blonde is helped along by fine streaks of a contrasting blonde that reach both ways and create a smooth flow from one tonal value to the other.
Her hair is finely curled with much attention to the definition of the curls. Whether you are lounging on a luxury yacht of by your apartment pool, you will look like a million dollars!

Classic Golden Blonde

Long bob for golden blonde hair with highlights
This long bob is a classic and the hair color, a warm and golden blonde is too. Bring both together and add a chic convertible into the mix and you are ready for a grandiose night on town. The color shows highlights in a light beige tone, but there are also golden and medium blonde tones. The result is a vivacious, brilliant color that reflects the light like no other.
Her make up is held back and in tones that resemble the colors of her hair. A very elegant trick that always works to get a carefully put together appearance.

The Iconic Blonde

Iconic blonde hair in a bob with curved edges
The color blonde is as iconic as it always was decades ago and no one can escape its soft magic. Her side parted bob falls past her chin line, but does not yet touch her shoulders. The edges are curved in dynamic motion, first inward and then arranged towards the back.
A very beautiful element is the swing in the long side fringe that ends in a small twist just below her eyes.
Hair Products: L'Oréal Professionnel
Make-up: Rafael Guapiano
Styling: David Pollak
Photography: Marcos Serra Lima