The Group by Sassoon Academy

Sassoon hair cuts
Two great names come together in this summer collection. Sassoon and J.D. Salinger. Inspired by the iconic American Novel "The Catcher in the Rye" Sassoon designers create distinct looks of contrasting types. Ivy League socialites and misfits. The elite and the soul searchers.
The difference between the yacht club set and the Karma Bums is also expressed in color. Sun kissed blondes stand against washed out shades, existentialistic browns and muted tones. The cuts cover preppy looks, with a neat intention, but at times wild and unconventional stylings.
On the rebellious side the cuts resemble punk styles with emo makeover. Make up and decorative face painting emphasize the gap between the two groups.

Ivy Mania

Neat and flawless hairstyle for men
Preppy turtleneck look for men
Preppy look with a turtleneck and ivy league flair that could have been taken from a Kennedy's photo album. A streamlined, neat and flawless cut promotes his distinct features and closely follows the shape of his head. The part looks as if drawn with a ruler and matches his very composed facial expression. It would not be a Sassoon cut if there were not elements of surprise and ingenious design.
The traditional timbre is lifted with a scalloped styling on the wider side of the hairstyle, which also brings out the contrast of hair colors. Underneath a golden blonde sits a crisp white blonde, which is revealed by the many narrow partings created with a styling comb and a non sticky modeling paste.

Done Undoneness

Posh look with unusual hair and a turtleneck
Sassoon hairstyle with undergrowth
Cut interrupted or jockey hat with fringes. There are many ways to interpret the unusual design of this noveau posh look. The top hair is styled with an outward jutting brim and dynamic movement towards the back in a straight line. Instead of an undercut there is an undergrowth with a long section falling down the sides, as thin as a veil and ironed straight.
The cutting line around the neck is laser sharp with the front section showing an edge that is softened by meticulous texture. White linen blonde and a warmer shade alternate to create a most intriguing play of light and shade.

Lifted Locks

Short hair with dense curls and a white turtleneck
She underlines her status with high rising curls arranged in a noble disarray. Styled out of the face with small accent on the side, the hair resembles a beautiful dollop of whipped cream with white and brown sugar.
The curls are dense and more deconstructed closer to the head, but sizzle out on the edges and especially in the high peak of the center to lofty, swirly delights.

Sophisticated Vintage

Sophisticated vintage style
Sassoon hair styles
Vassar vintage with Ava Gardner appeal still has its irresistible magnetism. Today the famous glamour style comes in a more loose and light styling. A short fringe is a very stylish debutante shape and the top waves are very clear and defined. The hair in the lower and more voluminous half is separated more and thus more feathery and lighter.

Aristocratic Androgenic

Short hair that does not exceed the ears
Side part and elements of a classic cut, but with modern texture and adventurous coloring look amazing with a shirt, suit jacket and even a bow tie. Her short brown hair shows a softly jagged cutting line and the length does not exceed the ears.
The top hair is long and swept in a diagonal direction which beautifully displays the dark and light contrasts of the hair colors. The highlight is a silvery gray with a mother of pearl effect.

Feminine Regulation Cut

Feminine military style haircut
Stubbly short sides are super neat and exude military style discipline, but with the longer top hair a sexy softness is added. This is strengthened through a warm brown color with just a few and very gentle highlights, which accentuate the movement of the hair. She wears the very gender neutral look with bright eye shadow and an adorable bow tie together with her ivy league sweater.

Silver Emo Style

Silver emo style hair
Punk and Oriental design features are brought together to express her colorful personality that goes against all odds and along her own path. The hair is twirled, spiked and ruffled in various places to create a wild pattern of beautiful rebellion.
Karma bum, fire dancer, modern nomad and star child - this short hairstyle and the goddess make-up with the painted bindi design at her third eye spot is a creative dream and opens the door to a new world of freedom with intercultural design.

Lupine Colors

Short silver hair and a bindi on the forehead
The call of the wild is expressed in the wolfish colors of silver and light lavender and also in the texture of this short cut. Large swirls, fine spikes and contrasts in length are part of the design, which is full of surprises on every side of her head.
The sides are velvet short, with a couple of longer accent strands right before the ears. The irregular cut top hair is styled to a variety of exciting shapes. Her large bindi on her forehead and the expressive make-up compliment the cut.

Wild Child of Style

short hair and Om sign
Dharma, Karma and Sassoon. A meticulous short haircut with an unconventional and innovative styling. There can never be too much creativity and some designs just lift our souls and take our look up and out of the vast sea of conformity and norm.
With a bright red Om sign painted on her forehead, she is on her way to enlightenment and channels the energy of Hindu goddess Kali with her eye make up. Her short hair has two round sections with more length, which where feathered up like little swirly antennae.
Hair: The International Creative Team led by Mark Hayes
Color: The International Creative Team led by Peter Dawson
Make-up: Daniel Koleric
Styling: Lucie Perrier
Photographer: Colin Roy