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Best Ager Collection "Vibrantly"

Hairstyles Created by Hair Arena Intercoiffure

  • easy bob for older women
  • hairstyle for mature women
  • hairdo for older women
  • manageable shoulder length hairstyle
  • mature hairstyle
  • practical updo
  • bob with irregular cutting line
  • hairstyle for older ladies
  • hairstyle for wrinkles
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A great hairstyle is one of the best beauty and anti aging treats we can get. Gone are the days with strange rules for "hair over 40" and the question whether it should be short or if long was acceptable. Flattering and fun is the key to hair for all ages. The most becoming hairstyles for mature women have certain traits in common. Layers and smooth movement. These help to diminish the effect of fine lines and wrinkles and soften the features in a very attractive and instant way. Take off ten years even without surgery!
The colors in The Best Ager Kollektion mostly stick with natural tones that have highlights and deeper, shadowy tones to accentuate the volume and to create luminosity. Bright shades like the intense copper gold seen in the last three looks are just on the verge of extravagant and very wearable as long as they match the skin tone. Never be afraid of color and show the world who you are! With variable styling options the collection also shows how flexible the cuts are in this collection which should actually be called the "Un-Ager Kollektion".
Hair: Marco Arena & Team
Coloring: Kathleen Bock & Rebecca Dietz
Make-up: Anna Meier
Styling: Mia Vehro
Photography: Adrian Bedoy & Team
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