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Black is Back
The highlights of the BUNDY BUNDY creative think-tank for 2002 are shown here. It's probably the most personal of all trend-setting collections the Bundy-bosses Hans and Georg have ever presented.
It closely reflects their personal ways of life and world views in the manner common to all the influential lifestyle visionaries like Armani and Helmut Lang. So, the models donning the Look 2002 also appear wearing black - just like the creative duo themselves usually do.
For Hans and Georg, black is much more than just a fashion color. Rather, black marks the employment of the style objective. It inspires the abandonment of the superfluous and expresses a consciousness for quality. Those are trademarks found in BUNDY BUNDY hair creations as well as in the fabric of the Bundy brothers' way of life.
The Look
The ritual fundament of all BUNDY BUNDY trend statements is simply the haircut. In Austria no-one other than the BUNDY BUNDY team is capable of offering individual cuts with such precision and so true to character. For young, extremely modern types, it could be a cut with a faint mohawk reminiscence. For softer, more romantic types, more often a smooth falling romantic bob or pixie cut would be the answer.
For cool business ladies, sometimes a stern, sexy look in a chopped masculin or boyish manner (achieved only by the best undercutting methods) proves to be top. No matter what clients decide upon, BUNDY BUNDY haircuts are never a last verdict but make way for a multitude of novel and trendy styling variations.
Even with a short cut, the possibility of a glamorously coifed hairstyle remains as well as other elegant alternatives - tightly combed back at the sides or with enchanting twisted quiffs. Clients wanting to treat themselves to an invigorating fashion experience trust BUNDY BUNDY's competence with waved and curled styling. "Especially in this collection there are now some very interesting styling effects possible. Particularly asymmetrical hairdos have a trendy and regal effect in combination with the latest prèt-à-porter.", Georg Bundy emphasizes.
Another BUNDY BUNDY bonus is their fine feeling for novel nuances with hair coloring techniques. As in the masterpieces from van Gogh and Monet, for example, the tones BUNDY BUNDY coloring experts create are never flat because they are made up of a myriad of shades and tones. In whatever looks like blond, brunette, red or black, there's actually a small universe of delicate reflexes composed of lively elaborate, artistically toned and colored strands one might want to call "lucky-streaks"!

Very Curly Hair

Longer holding hairstyle for very curly hair
Many women with natural curls feel completely at a loss as to the options available for their hard to manage hair. If it's too short, it becomes a bubble, left long it turns into a pyramid. It takes a skilled stylist to give very curly hair shape without resorting to creating topiary arrangements. Here we see a smoothly layered hairstyle in very curly hair that controls the bulk and gives a natural, esthetically pleasing shape.
The base cut is a blunt bob, with box layering to reduce the bulk at the ends of the hair. The fringe is left longer and adds its own focus to balance the volume of the hair. The styling method is likely performed with a diffused dryer and scrunching with the fingers using a moderate-hold gel and smoothing serum.
The hair can be dried to a mostly dry state and then the fingers can be used to wind the hair into ringlets and allowed to air dry completely. This offers a longer holding for curly hair and minimum frizz, as well as volume control.

Professional Hairstyle

Professional hairstyle for a working woman with very curly hair
This style is created on the base of the previous haircut for very curly hair, and offers a more conservative and professional look for a working woman. The hair is diffuse-dried to a mostly dry status and plied with smoothing serum.
The hairstyle is a twist variant that starts to either side of the off-center parting and the sections of the hair are wound to lie close to the scalp and are conjoined at the nape of the neck. The remaining hair can be allowed to fall in a long spray of curls or can be wound into a small bun.
Random tendrils are carefully loosened from the twists using a tail comb. These are then redirected using the fingers and extra styling product to give a finished look to the whole.

Chin-length Bob

Professional chin-length bob with the hair tucked behind the ears
Here we have a chin-length, stacked bob with eye-length bangs. The hair is textured to ensure a smooth contouring of the weight line and to enhance the smoothness of the styling. Visual interest comes from the depth of the color in the highlighting and lowlighting. The haircut is sleek, smooth and professional. It's a chic, no-nonsense attitude.
The styling is best accomplished using a blow-dryer and round brush, and the hair is plied with light hold product and smoothing serum. As the forward locks of hair on the sides are tucked behind the ears, the concave shape created enhances the look of the cheekbones and the face. A dab of smoothing serum spread over the palms and run down over the hair ensures shine and a smooth finish.

Mussed Look for Short Hair

Mussed short hair with focus on the eyes and lips
This lightly mussed look is the result of taking the previous textured and smoothly styled bob cut and roughing it up a bit. By blurring the parting line and randomizing the direction the hair is meant to lie, you create a stylishly disheveled hairstyle that is both playful and alluring. Note how the focus is drawn entirely to the intense eyes and the glossy lips.
The "mussed" look also invites touch (even though most men know better than to give in to temptation before the time is right) and hints at ravishment and abandon. Now, who says short hair can't be sexy?

Intense Volume

Short hairstyle with maximum lift, volume and hold
Intense volume and structure in a hairstyle always make a statement. Here we see the same short haircut as used in photo three and photo four, but styled for a maximum of lift, volume and hold. The hairstyle shows a boldness of spirit and courage to make a statement. It also clearly shows the level of texturing and the cutting angles of the base cut upon which the style is created.
To get this look, you need to use a strong-hold styling product applied to the hair before drying and additional layers of product to reinforce the structure and help install rigidity in the hair so that the hair shafts can support the weight of the length.
The hair is teased or ruffed with a brush at the scalp area to help build a foundation to support the volume. A light mist of hairspray and a bit of scrunching adds definition to the strands and reinforces the strength of the hold.

Elegant Short Woman's Haircut

Very short and elegant woman's haircut
It looks like it's time to update the pixie cut. This very short woman's haircut is still versatile and perfect for the woman who wants to present a chic, no-nonsense image but still be able to create a casual or elegant look. The hair is cut into short layers that taper from short to long as you move up along the head. The longest lengths are in the top and crown areas and the perimeter is cut with clean, concise lines.
The ends of the hair are textured using a point cutting technique to give a finely detailed finish to the hairstyle. In this style the hair is likely plied with strong-hold gel while wet and blown-out to a mostly dry state. While the hair is still tacky, it is combed into the desired configuration with a large-tooth comb and the fingers. The hair's natural wave is preserved and used to enhance the lines of the style.

Pixie with Slicked-back Sides

Pixie cut with slicked-back sides for a large or wide forehead
The pixie cut takes on a whole new attitude when the hair is blown-out straight in the top section and the sides and back are smoothed back to follow the curve of the scalp. The top section can be further smoothed using a flat iron to create a fine finish and provide a silky-softness that contrasts to the structure of the slicked-back sides.
The weight line of the bangs and top section length keeps the focus of the hairstyle on the eyes and it is a good short style for those needing to minimize a prominent, large or wide forehead, or to balance an overall narrow face.

Wild Up Style

Wild up style that draws the attention to the eyes
Sometimes, you have to go wild, and this is a style that can take you there. Built on the cut used for photo one and photo two, this hairstyle makes use of the inherent structural stability of very curly hair to create a bold, geometric up style that will never fail to draw attention.
Even with the unusual nature of the look (and this is admittedly NOT a style that will appeal to the mainstream woman) the style does work to meet the needs of any style: The horizontal base line of the triangular side shape draws the attention to the model's eyes while the cylindrical shape elevated at a skewed angle gives a counterbalance to the style and minimizes the appearance of roundness in the features by drawing the attention upward.
The construction of this hairstyle requires strong hold product, blow-dry styling and lots of teasing, pins and accessories. If you have a mind to recreate this look, plan to practice up-styling techniques and backcombing techniques for a few days before you need to have a finished look.
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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