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Black Label by BUNDY BUNDY

Black is Back
The highlights of the BUNDY BUNDY creative think-tank for 2002 are shown here. It's probably the most personal of all trend-setting collections the Bundy-bosses Hans and Georg have ever presented. It closely reflects their personal ways of life and world views in the manner common to all the influential lifestyle visionaries like Armani and Helmut Lang. So, the models donning the Look 2002 also appear wearing black - just like the creative duo themselves usually do.
For Hans and Georg, black is much more than just a fashion color. Rather, black marks the employment of the style objective. It inspires the abandonment of the superfluous and expresses a conciousness for quality. Those are trademarks found in BUNDY BUNDY hair creations as well as in the fabric of the Bundy brothers' way of life.
  • style for very curly hair
  • hairstyle for a professional look
  • hair tucked behind the ears
  • mussed short hair
  • hairstyle with maximum volume
  • casual short hairstyle
  • hairstyle for a wide forehead
  • triangular hair shape
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The Look
The ritual fundament of all BUNDY BUNDY trend statements is simply the haircut. In Austria no-one other than the BUNDY BUNDY team is capable of offering individual cuts with such precision and so true to character. For young, extremely modern types, it could be a cut with a faint mohawk reminiscence. For softer, more romantic types, more often a smooth falling romantic bob or pony cut would be the answer. For cool business ladies, sometimes a stern, sexy look in a chopped maskulin or boyish manner (achieved only by the best undercutting methods) proves "tops". No matter what clientelle decide upon, BUNDY BUNDY haircuts are never a last verdict but make way for a multitude of novel and trendy styling variations.
Even with a short cut, the possibility of a glamourously coifed hairstyle remains as well as other elegant alternatives - tightly combed back at the sides or with enchanting twisted quiffs. Clients wanting to treat themselves to an invigorating fashion expierience trust BUNDY BUNDY's competence with waved and curled styling. "Especially in this connection there are now some very interresting styling effects possible. Particularly asymetrical hairdos have a trendy and regal effect in combination with the latest prèt-à-porter.", Georg Bundy emphasizes.
Another BUNDY BUNDY bonus is their fine feeling for novel nuances with haircoloring techniques. As in the masterpieces from van Gogh and Monet, for example, the tones BUNDY BUNDY coloring experts create are never flat because they are made up of a myriad of shades and tones. In whatever looks like blond, brunette, red or black, there's actually a small universe of delicate reflexes composed of lively elaborate, artistically toned and colored strands one might want to call "lucky-streaks"!
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team