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Hairstyles Spring-Summer 2013

  • shoulder length tapered hairstyle
  • jaw length bob
  • almost ear length bob
  • blonde chin length bob
  • short round hairstyle
  • ear length hairstyle
  • tomboyish hairstyle
  • chin length bob
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Tchip is known for the quality and the innovative approaches in their cuts and stylings. This spring and summer they will not disappoint once again and have created a beautiful collection of sexy short hairstyles, made in France. Except for one shoulder long look the hair does not exceed the chin line.
Length in the top hair provides lively volume and a variety of styling options. Just imagine the possibilities! Movement is supported by layers and crafty volume and has a windblown, very sexy effect with varying amounts of disheveling and the still trendy "undone look.
Casual sophistication with much flair comes in a range of beautiful and soft colors, ranging from a light toffee brown to brilliant blondes and one dark look just for the balance.
video Hairstyles: Tchip
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