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"American Style" by Intercoiffure Mondial

  • sleek short hair cut
  • New York City look
  • hair with green color accents
  • pinned up fringe
  • crimped hair
  • updo with a quiff
  • hairstyle with a rasta effect
  • hair with blue and purple hues
  • hair with alternating lengths
  • woven fringe
  • red hair with a hair band
  • long crimped hair
  • Hollywood style hair
  • retro style with curls
  • rolled vintage hairstyle
  • Audrey Hepburn look
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Hollywood, the Wild West, Rock'n Roll, Palm Beach and New York inspired this collection of "American Style" looks for hair. Intercoiffure Mondial gathered the essence of each of those famous places to create iconic styles that reflect the diversity, extravagance, glamor and free spirit of America.
Cool, refined and sophisticated short cuts exude an affinity for the traditional and precious, opulent, over the top looks with a load of glam are the west coast opposite with a high heeled Hollywood vibe. In between are untamed and voluminous hairstyles that carry the famous pioneer spirit.
Power and femininity strike again with the Palm Beach casual elegance and relaxed luxury. America has left its mark on the international fashion scene and has graduated!
Copyright: Intercoiffure Mondial
Photography: Roberto Ligresti